Social media-Write Side Up

Social media today is the biggest content marketing tool in the hands of businessmen. But, there are numerous myths associated with social media marketing that need to be busted. Here are some such myths:

1. My Target Group Isn’t On Social Media- With more than 1 billion active internet users, there’s nothing under the sun you can’t sell on social media.
2. Joining All Social Networks Is Going To Be Beneficial- It is suggested that you do your research, find out the networks with widest reach and focus your advertising on those.
3. Setting Up My Account Is Enough On Social Media Marketing- You need much more than just to set up an account in order to use social media as a proper marketing tool. You need to handle it regularly and enhance your reach to rope in your target audience.
4. Social Media Marketing Is Infinite With No Measurable Returns- There are, in fact, systems to measure exactly how many people your ad has reached and how many of them you engaged with on social media.
5. Social Media Can Only Be Used To Get New Customers- This platform can also be used for getting a feedback from your existing customers and working on them.
6. Ignore Negative Feedback- In addition to making your annoyed customers happy, not ignoring such feedback would also help you maintain a positive image in the eyes of your prospective customers.
7. I Should Get My Family To Like My Updates To Increase My Social Presence- In order to reach a wider audience, you can’t just ask your immediate family to like your updates. You need a variety of people talking about your content.
8. Social Media Is Free To Use – When advertising your products, you can’t depend on the free features to reach your target audience. You need to invest in order to boost your posts and enhance your reach.
9. Social Media Requires More Time- Using a simple social media monitoring software and checking your account for an hour every day is more than enough time you require to manage your social media marketing.
10. Social Media Is All About Response- It’s not always necessary you’ll spark up conversations through your content on social media. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t reading and accepting what you express.
11. You Shouldn’t Get Personal On Social Media – People are aware your company has some faces behind it, and it doesn’t hurt to show them once in a while with a tasteful remark about their contribution.
12. If Your Hashtag Isn’t Trending, You’re Lagging Behind- Hashtags help your customers find similar conversations clubbed together. It’s not always necessary that you don’t have many followers if your hashtag doesn’t show up in the trending column.
13. Your Social Media Manager Has To Be Young- You need someone seasoned and creative, someone who knows how to use tricks to get you the maximum result for your social media advertising costs.
14. You Need To Post Some New Content Every Day- Social media marketing can also mean recycling the same content from time to time, if done smartly.
15. Social Media Comes With Negative Publicity- Not having a Facebook page won’t protect you from the wrath of your customers, but it could give you a platform to defend yourself against them.
16. Content About Your Product May Give Away Your Trade Secrets- Every content going up is in your hands. It won’t give away anything more than you want it to.
17. With Social Media, You Don’t Need Email- One must always remember, email and social media are complementary marketing tools.
18. You Must Respond To Every Activity Immediately- People on social media do not mind if you take reasonable time to answer their queries and concerns.
19. Content Should Be All About Your Products- It is encouraged to post content which has enough potential to stand alone, something people would prefer reading even if they don’t use your products.
20. No One Uses Google+- Okay, it may be newer and has lesser members than other networks, but google+ has the power to enable you to show up on the top of the list on google. Never underestimate its power.

These are just to name a few. There are times when people need to focus on their core business and cannot seem to give time to rightly market themselves on the internet, for them, there’s always Write Side Up. We aim to provide you end to end solutions that will help you create the right impact to your target customers.