2017: Digital Marketing Trends

As each year passes by, new and surprising trends keep emerging in the digital market. The advertising world is exposed to new technologies, customer demands and inventive techniques. It is unlikely that this momentum will die down anytime soon – if ever. The past year has been an exciting time for digital marketers as there have been countless new opportunities to re-brand organizations and devise fresh and unique strategies in order to increase customer engagement and overall profit.

Here we present to you the best digital marketing trends of 2016 and one thing you can learn from them.

1. Content-based marketing – Digital marketers and tech developers alike are beginning to understand the power of personalization with regards to user content. Organizations like Facebook and Google are developing more consumer-targeted features than ever before, empowering marketers and content writers alike with more business opportunities. Digital marketers gave a lot more importance to content in 2016 as opposed to previous years, and started delving into specific genres, tones and languages that appeal to the audiences. There was an explosion of blogs in the digital market. The emergence of content-based marketing has been a long time coming and we don’t expect it to disappear anytime soon. Digital marketers should take advantage of this trend in 2017 and drive their campaigns based on personalised content.

2. Computerization or Artificial Intelligence – Advertisers are utilizing Artificial Intelligence programming in larger numbers, trusting algorithms and computer softwares to handle the majority of their workload in places like advertising, website development, social media marketing and content creation. In the past year, websites like Google AdWords and Hootsuite are adding more computerized functions to make advertisers’ lives less demanding. Generally, this is something worth being thankful for, there are also a few disadvantages to automatic advertising, including a diminished personification and a conceivable decrease in your creative inputs. It is important to note this trend is rapidly taking over the marketing world and advertisers should be careful not to take advantage of this trend as it may cause them to lose their passion for the field.

3. Reviews and Ratings – Purchasers’ buying patterns have drastically changed, which has been the basis of last year’s digital marketing strategies. Shoppers have started relying on reviews and ratings more than the given data to make their buying choices. They are willing to move on to the next stage faster, too, as long as they are satisfied with the information. This has shortened the purchasing cycle in many fields, and has increased the significance of having a strong set of reviews and ratings to attract potential new clients. Sellers have had to up their ante and offer better customer service as well for the fear of bad reviews.

4. Mobile Optimization – In 2016, mobiles generated much more traffic than computers, laptops, tablets or any other device. Digital marketers worked hard at ensuring that one of their focus areas during website development and marketing was creating websites that are extremely mobile-friendly. If any organizations website isn’t up to the par with their mobile versions as much as their competitors’, their bound to lose out on customers. The explosion of Apps has also created a marketing storm through the digital world. Companies were working harder every day to provide the best app-based user experiences. Marketers should take note of this trend especially, because it is likely that mobile versions of websites and applications will one day – soon – replace the desktop versions.

5. Video Domination – Video advertising has dominated the industry for many years but it reached exponential heights in 2016. Video streaming apps like YouTube and Periscope have been at the top of their game in the past year. Even Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other websites saw a drastic increase in the number of videos uploaded and viewed every day. Marketers should invest in quality videos as it has better capabilities of “going viral” and gaining large outputs.

These trends have permeated digital marketing over the course of the past year. We can prepare ourselves for the kind of trends that will dominate the industry, in the upcoming year. Will the build on the foundation of 2016 and previous years or bring a new change in the marketing world? Sign up to our blog and stay up to date on all the new trends.