Social Media Horoscope

Just when you thought digital marketing was at its best in 2016, we have a whole of 2017 to anticipate and brace ourselves for. Social media marketing is one field that is dynamic in all terms; it is constantly evolving and developing into a vivid picture of varied and diverse branches. Given the kind of advancement it has undergone last year, it is most likely to expect even more from the coming year.

From business and marketing perspective, it gets even more important to know and predict the world of social media at its best for obvious reasons. Who wouldn’t want to plan their marketing strategies well in advance when market is all about predicting the most profitable trends and opportunities? There is no gain saying the fact that social media is one of the most profitable marketing tool especially when predicted efficiently. We have therefore compiled a list Top 3 trends of social media in 2017 based on the previous years and popularity:

1) Importance to Live Videos:
Live streaming and videos are on the rise. Of all the social media tools, Facebook Live and Periscope are used the most. Along with that Instagram and Twitter launched their live video updates which will increase the use of live streaming even more. Brands can use this feature in order to live stream an event or program that they are associated with. Products can also be streamed using this feature and instructions on how to use it can be given. Thus, engagement increases with the audience. It can also be used to provide customer service by means of live question and answer. It will help to improve engagement with customers which is the key to good marketing. So this year, keep a lookout for ways to create live videos off your products and services!

2) Increase in the use of messaging applications:
Messaging applications are amongst the few applications which never cease to be used. Thus, it becomes very important to incorporate this excellent marketing tool in a comprehensive marketing strategy for 2017. Customer service can be enhanced greatly through such applications. Hyatt, for example, uses messenger in order to enable customers to give feedback and make bookings. It is faster, scalable and cost-effective too. If used wisely, 2017 will be a year of profits for any company making use of message apps for marketing and business

3) Increase in e-commerce:
Social media will become a very influential platform for e-commerce in 2017. Facebook, Instgram, Pinterest and Twitter have facilitated online buying and selling and now even Snapchat has joined their league. In 2017, you can use all these social media platforms to endorse your product since most of the people will prefer to use social media to find interesting products, gift ideas and trends. According to a survey, 56% of the consumers follow brands on social media which is thus a lucrative platform to develop into a profitable marketing strategy in 2017.

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