Content is the reason search began in the first place.
– Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing

Search engines operate on good content. To prevail on search engines, the site or blog should regularly be updated and have top-notch content. To achieve this, the best SEO practices should be followed. However, with the galore of information available on the internet, it’s difficult to know which ones to follow.

We’re making it easier for you by mentioning the five easy-to-follow tips while writing your content that will help you dominate on search engines.

1. A post should at least be 2,000 words long

More the words, more links can be added and more the links, higher the chances of getting visibility on search engines. Apart from the links, more words also ensure more targeted keywords which again proves beneficial in prevailing on search engines.

Though it’s not necessary to write 2,000 words or more by forcefully stretching it. If the topic can be easily explained in fewer words, that should do nonetheless.

2. Use heading tags

When the content is organised and explained using headings within the post, it gets more interest from the reader. It also helps in adding keywords/tags in the headlines which in turn is a good SEO practice.

3. Keyword research

Building your content around targeted keywords is the mantra for successful SEO campaigns. To do the same, a thorough keyword research needs to be done by using different keyword research tools for the phrases you’ve decided to use in the content. There should be 5-10 final keywords around which the entire content should resolve. By doing this, you ensure that your content is available on search engines for your target audience.

4. Your content should be exclusive

Search engines have started penalising sites and blogs that have plagiarised content. To avoid this, ensure that your content is unique. This can easily be done by outsourcing content to content writing firms as apart from writing exclusive content for you, they’ll also keep in mind that other content marketing strategies are followed.

5. Emphasis on call to action

Behind every content marketing strategy, the aim is to get response from your reader. This is known as call to action. It’s important to use the best call to actions for every content piece that has been posted. Even if your page is optimized on search engines and has good traffic, it’s necessary to convert your traffic into leads, customers or part of your engaged community. That’s where call to action comes in.

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