SEO Tips

If you find yourself looking for an SEO agency in Mumbai for a stint in online marketing, you are at the right place. Write Side Up is an SEO company in Mumbai with digital marketing services ranging from SEO to content marketing. So, let’s board this journey of learning together!

Search Engine Optimization is the new key to brand awareness and popularity. When a company does SEO, it is garnering more organic traffic to its website and it is also increasing its search engine ranking, i.e., what is the rank of that company on search engine results when a relevant search is done by a viewer. It is clear from the above that SEO can be a wonderful tool to increase your company’s visibility and reliability. If done correctly, it can get you to the top of the Google search results and this is important because majority of the people click the first two options out of all the results of Google search. This shows how a simple ranking can change the way your target customers would perceive your reliability as a company. The real sales and conversions is a later thing. Getting a higher ranking can thus affect the very approach of a consumer to your company, which means half the loyal-customer-battle is won!

 We bring to you 7 SEO tips to get your website to the top of Google search apart from keywords. 

1) RankBrain:

RankBrain is Google’s machine learning AI system which is one of the top-three ranking signals in Google’s vast array of contributing factors. Google uses RankBrain to handle ambiguous and unique brand queries. Such unique queries make up to 450 million searches per day! Although it is difficult to optimize content for machine learning, through trial and error method, research and supporting information, one can create content particularly responsive to unique queries related to your company’s and targeted audience assumed personas.

2) ‘Near Me’ search queries:

Mobile is the key driver for local search. If you optimize for this, it will definitely work for increasing your visibility majorly because mobile users are active searchers and not loyal to any brands. There is more anticipation and ease of use so don’t lag behind on this factor!

3) Local presence: 

It is important to sort out local SEO to optimize ‘Near me’ search queries. This can be done by optimizing your Google My Business Page. However, you should have some features like long and unique description of your business, right categories, lot of imagery, regular information, and key information on opening times and a local phone number and business address. Apart from these, make sure that you have a lot of customer reviews too. It all helps to optimize for local SEO.

4) Voice research:

Google voice search queries have risen since 2008. It is therefore important to optimize for voice search. In this case, the key to optimization is to try to provide direct answers to questions generally spoken in natural language or how one would normally ask something, not in a typed format where keywords would be important. This will help because Google is constantly trying to understand complex combinations and superlatives. This will definitely fetch you higher rankings!

5) Mobile optimization:

Although few years back it wasn’t a relevant signal of ranking, it is right now and therefore you need to get your website mobile optimized. It is necessary to make your website mobile friendly and accessible.

6) Twitter presence: 

You should also optimize your twitter presence for higher rankings. Due to deal between Google and Twitter, tweets are now indexed on SERPs which means if you search for a company or personality, you will see a timeline of their latest tweets too. So yes, if you tweet regularly and have a considerable amount of followers, your ranking will be among the top. But caution should be taken regarding what you say on twitter, so please don’t say anything that might be regretful in future!

7) Answer a question:

Similar to voice research, you should try to make content that will answer certain questions. Mention the question as the title of the article (search result) and answer it in the article as soon as possible. Initially Wikipedia was the answer box for such questions but Google recognized smaller websites with better content and answers. So make sure you have a good data base of the tastes and behaviors of your viewers so that you can prepare answers for all the presumable questions!  

These are all ways by which a company can enhance their SEO. The best way is to outsource the same to a digital marketing agency such as Write Side Up. We make it our priority to ensure that your online performance is much better than that of your competitors.