Social Media Marketing Hacks

Social media marketing can be very difficult. Hence, it is always useful to keep in mind a few hacks. These 9 proven social media hacks are guaranteed to deliver results with the least effort.

1. Solve the 140 character problem of Twitter
A major problem of Twitter is the 140 character limit, which severely limits the content you can post. A unique solution is to post it in parts – e.g. you post a question revealing a part of your content, and reply to yourself with the rest.

2. Focus only on the social networks in your blog’s niche
There are countless social media websites at the moment, and newer ones are coming up every day. You cannot target all the social media websites. That will be a waste of time, instead only focus on those websites which fall in your blog’s niche.

3. Increase Followers on Social Media
Everyone knows that the more number of followers you have on social media, the better are your chances of promotion. However, getting followers can be difficult. That is why, you can use services where you will share others’ posts and they will share yours for mutual benefits.

4. Image Optimisation
One thing you should keep in mind is that your readers and followers are the most important part of your success. Optimising images is important because every user doesn’t have high speed Internet access, meaning for larger images they will just ignore the post. Don’t let that opportunity slip away.

5. Don’t Ignore LinkedIn and Google+
LinkedIn and Google+ have much smaller targeted communities compared to Facebook, Twitter. However, ignoring them completely is a huge mistake. LinkedIn can be a huge asset if your content is targeted towards IT or similar niche. Your search results are also affected by number of +1s in Google+.

6. Have a Plan
Social media marketing always requires a strategy, you can’t expect to randomly post content and get results. So always have a plan or strategy ready.

7. Add GIFs in Tweets
Most people usually post text and pictures in tweets; they probably don’t even know about GIFs. GIFs can be considered similar to a video, except they are much smaller in length. You can add GIFs in tweets to increase interaction on social media.

8. Unique Blend of Personal and Professional
You cannot just keep on posting professional stuff on social media websites, you need to post some light-hearted entertaining stuff as well, which can be about certain events in your personal life too. You need to find a unique blend of personal and professional posts on social media.

9. Proper Call To Action (CTA)
Ultimately, call to actions will turn your readers into customers. So, if you don’t choose a proper CTA, you will never be able to accomplish your goal despite numerous followers.

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