To get consistent organic traffic to your website, from content perspective, it is very important to get a Freud-level understanding of the tastes and habits of your audience.

An effective content marketing plan would take into consideration the process of giving information about just enough things that the consumer wants, giving a preview of your services and then pitching in product sales. Keeping this in mind, we bring to you the ‘don’ts’ of content marketing that will guide any company or content creation agency to build fruitful content marketing strategies:

1. Don’t build a plan without digging into your user base: Content without user demand is coffee without aroma! Unimaginable! It is therefore very important to research about the likes and dislikes of your consumers and potential consumers. You wouldn’t want a situation wherein your users don’t see any benefit for them from your content! For this, it is advisable to hire a professional website content writer who will give your users what they want.

2. Don’t forget keywords: Content creation is done so that the company can get the targeted organic traffic. Therefore, all the necessary keywords should be used which would lead to organic traffic because of SEO and higher rankings too. Not employing this technique dissolves the main purpose of content marketing. Professional SEO experts do a fair deal of help in providing keywords and increasing rankings.

3. Don’t stick to a single thought: It is advisable to start content marketing with a well-defined target, it also important to not make it determined by a single thought. Variation ought to occur. Web content creation should be diverse and should cater to a a diverse range of audience. It is necessary to avoid monotonous idea-based content. People want to read something different everyday.

4. Don’t start without a predetermined goal: Obvious as it seems, 70% of companies still do not have a well-defined goal before starting off with content marketing. It is inevitable to have a proper plan which does not have a set of goals attached to it or a set of variations that should be brought at regular intervals. A good plan lays the foundation of your content marketing strategy. It should include buyer details, channels of content distribution, content audit, necessary resources and the parameters for measuring success.

5. Don’t avoid social media marketing: To start-ups and small businesses, social media content creation is the ultimate key to brand awareness and popularity. It is rather not wise to altogether ignore such an influential field of digital marketing. Creating content for your social media users and keeping them engaged will fetch you far-fledged results. Definitely a strong one to try!

These are some of the major don’ts of content marketing and should be avoided under all circumstances for a successful content marketing plan. If you are still apprehensive about the reliability of your content, join us at Write Side Up to get some of the best content creation services at a customized price model so that you will never have to worry about how to sell the product; we will take care of that!