List Posts

Ever wondered why list posts create more traffic?

Well, I have too..

There is a clear difference between list posts that just go on blabbing for several pages and those that are to the point and can pass on the information that they intend to. An unending list post usually does not work because readers are looking for answers. People read a post or an article to learn something and not for the purpose of reading. There has to be an end result and that is absent in an unending list post.

Content marketing and Social Media is mostly surviving because of these list posts. There are several reasons for this:

1. There is so much information out there in the world on each and every topic. This is not something easy because it makes analysis very tough and not at all fun. Bringing order to this chaos is list posts that provide readers with right answers. They are also very easy to go through because readers know where to look for the next piece of information.
2. Lists are powerful in nature because they provide you a handful of information that you can grab in no time at all. Quickly glancing over such a post seems very time friendly.

Secrets that you should be aware of when creating a list post:

1. The title of your list post should either have a rounded or an odd number.
2. You should write the number in a numeric form.
3. 25 should be the limit for your list post.

Follow these secrets and you will have a good post that generates traffic to your website. Write Side Up is a content marketing agency that provides content writing services. We have worked on only list posts and witnessed the effect they have on a website.