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Copywriting is the use of words or ideas to promote a person, a company or a business. It is written content conveyed through online media and print media. The content is primarily used for the purpose of marketing or advertising with the objective of increasing brand awareness and to engage or persuade the customers or targeted audience to actually carry out the purchase. In the simplest sense, it is the actual creation of demand for your product; copywriting makes the people want to buy your product because of the content that is provided to them. The best copywriting seamlessly weaves the product and ideology of the brand into one cloth of creativity that gets people into action i.e. they buy your product or even ideology for that matter. It can…

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PPC Management

PPC Management- Just what you need

In this increasingly popular and growing field of internet marketing, the competition among brands for getting more and more consumers is becoming more and fiercer. In such a situation, it is imperative to use all the tools of digital marketing to mark a strong online presence for your company. Only SEO is not enough; Search engine marketing is equally important to get your company the targeted consumers and a concrete digital presence. Search engine marketing is a form of digital marketing which involves increasing the visibility of a company in the search engine result pages through paid advertising. This enhances the SEO listings too which determine the rank of your website on search engine results. The question that arises here is whether you need to employ SEM (Search engine marketing), which means whether your…

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Business need Digital Marketing

7 Reasons Why Every Business Needs Digital Marketing

Choosing marketing strategies can be baffling. You often find yourself at crossroads; whether to go the traditional way or the modern, digital way. It is quite obvious that the question becomes more confusing for startups and small scale businesses since their marketing budget is relatively limited. So if you are still on the fence regarding the adoption of digital marketing services, Write Side Up, a digital marketing company Mumbai brings to you 7 reasons why your business needs digital marketing services: 1) The Digital Revolution: The most important reason as to why you should develop a digital marketing strategy is evidently the digital revolution, which is increasingly influencing the marketing field. The digital space is being used extensively to promote one's brand and it definitely adds on to the company's…

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Social Media Horoscope

2017: Social Media Horoscope

Just when you thought digital marketing was at its best in 2016, we have a whole of 2017 to anticipate and brace ourselves for. Social media marketing is one field that is dynamic in all terms; it is constantly evolving and developing into a vivid picture of varied and diverse branches. Given the kind of advancement it has undergone last year, it is most likely to expect even more from the coming year. From business and marketing perspective, it gets even more important to know and predict the world of social media at its best for obvious reasons. Who wouldn’t want to plan their marketing strategies well in advance when market is all about predicting the most profitable trends and opportunities? There is no gain saying the fact that social…

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Google Display Network

Google Display Network & why it should not be ignored?

A mother scrolling down, scrutinizing and listing down amicable preschools along with feeding her child, an artist editing his digital design apace with comparing cost products of required materials, an entrepreneur who is in quest for resources in order to market his products, these individuals are the prototypes of our present day digital culture. Everything is undergoing change at a fleeting rate. The revolutionary change from flyers to Internet advertisements has changed the structure of market thus changing the entire traditional process of selling and buying. With the advent of internet and search engines, operations such as Google Display Network have received significant impetus from the society because of its wide implications and favorable outcomes. Google Display Network allows you to connect and reciprocate with customers with a wide array…

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Content writers for fashion industry

Why Content Is Important For Fashion Bloggers?

Consider this situation: you’re picking your nose whilst scrolling down the plethora of images with colors splattered here and there mutely and pictographically advising you, “Hey! Time’s up. You require a makeover”. Something’s missing right? Yes! Where’s the oxygen for all those picturesque and enticing images? It is supplied through supplements of words. Fashion is not always about upfront appearance, it goes beyond the normative inhibitions that people carry in their minds. Words threaded along with the pictures explore all the aspects of fashion giving a glimpse of the abundance of arena you have to present your work from different angles. When we have an option of stimulating both hemispheres, why adhere to stagnation? Fashion bloggers use content writing as a catalyst in order to set a deal between the…

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2017: Digital Marketing Trends

2017: Best Digital Marketing Trends

As each year passes by, new and surprising trends keep emerging in the digital market. The advertising world is exposed to new technologies, customer demands and inventive techniques. It is unlikely that this momentum will die down anytime soon – if ever. The past year has been an exciting time for digital marketers as there have been countless new opportunities to re-brand organizations and devise fresh and unique strategies in order to increase customer engagement and overall profit. Here we present to you the best digital marketing trends of 2016 and one thing you can learn from them. 1. Content-based marketing – Digital marketers and tech developers alike are beginning to understand the power of personalization with regards to user content. Organizations like Facebook and Google are developing more consumer-targeted…

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Effects of Digital Marketing

Effects Of Digital Marketing Over Small Scale Industries

Sipping hot coffee and reading newspaper was once upon a time a morning ritual for the masses. Leaflets and flyers garnished with new products, schemes and services in the market were eagerly awaited by the population. However, with the advent in the field of technology, we slowly lost touch with our roots and ventured into an undiscovered era. The pomp and show and the glossy glamour entwined us into the web of clicks. Now, sipping the morning cup of coffee whilst scrolling down the news and scrutinizing those random pop ups and advertisements has inculcated itself into our routine. Digital marketing is simply modernizing the traditional approach through the lens of technology thus obliterating physical existence of shops and introducing online marketing of goods, products and services. The structural and…

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The Craft of Web Development – A Little Cloudy

Finally, we have arrived at the last segment in our Web Development series. Just to catch you up, we have been focusing on the importance of having a digital presence and why it is necessary to have your own website. We have covered 3 out of 4 trends in the Web Development series so far. Those being, user’s ease of access through a simple navigation menu and seamless scrolling; the emergence of “flat one page” websites; and the infiltration of Artificial Intelligence in website development. As we reach the end of this series, we will be taking a look at the advancement of Cloud Computing in Website Development. Cloud Computing is basically the practice of utilizing a host of online servers to accumulate, manage and process data as opposed to…

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The Craft of Web Development – Artificial Intelligence

Previously, we spoke about the importance of websites in offering organisations a digital presence that allows them to connect with regular as well as potential customers. When a customer is unable to track your business online, it is very likely they will move on to easier-to-find options. We’ve mentioned that during the series of “The Craft of Web Development”, we will be focusing on 4 different trends that are currently occurring in Web Development. So far, we have focused on customer interaction with an easy navigation menu and the importance of seamless scrolling as well as the recently popularised trend of “flat one page” designs for websites. In continuation to that, today, we will be looking at the aspect of Artificial Intelligence and its infiltration into the recent Website Development…

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