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Digital Marketing: Creative & Analytical

In an ever-changing complex retail market, digital marketing has emerged as an important tool that connects the purchaser and the producer. The use of digital marketing not only allows a brand to successfully market itself, but also allows the entrepreneurs and small-scale producers to establish themselves. The main goal of digital marketing is to ensure that a product is as appealing and attractive to a consumer as can be while warranting that the producer’s investment reaps fruitful results. A digital marketing plan is bound to fail if it lacks proper planning and analytical research as well as a creative edge. It can never be either one or the other. A successful digital marketing plan should be thoroughly investigated and data driven in order to analyse the competitive market to understand…

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All The Don’ts Of An Effective Content Marketing Plan

To get consistent organic traffic to your website, from content perspective, it is very important to get a Freud-level understanding of the tastes and habits of your audience. An effective content marketing plan would take into consideration the process of giving information about just enough things that the consumer wants, giving a preview of your services and then pitching in product sales. Keeping this in mind, we bring to you the 'don'ts' of content marketing that will guide any company or content creation agency to build fruitful content marketing strategies: 1. Don't build a plan without digging into your user base: Content without user demand is coffee without aroma! Unimaginable! It is therefore very important to research about the likes and dislikes of your consumers and potential consumers. You wouldn't…

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Change is the only constant. It is something that never ceases to exist. Be it any field, stagnant behavior is a rare possibility. In the competitive business world characterized by dynamic consumer as well as producer behavior, efficient marketing becomes the only reliable tool connecting the ever-changing producer and consumer, their habits, tastes and the environment. Marketing is that part of business that would adapt the most to the changes in technology, values, sciences and preferences of the producer and the consumer. Keeping this importance in mind, it is not a wise decision to have a stagnant marketing strategy nor is it profitable to ignore the growing presence of social media in our lives. In the purest of the meaning, marketing means selling your product by hook or by crook. Now, what is social media? It…

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Email Marketing: Give Your Brand A Voice

In the 21st century, reaching out to your target audience marketing has transformed. The means of marketing have undergone changes. Email marketing has, in this play of marketing strategies, become a game changer. In its broadest sense, email marketing means using mails sent to potential customers or current customers for advertisements, business requests, soliciting sales or donations. It is used to build trust, loyalty and brand awareness. It is useful to bring about a dramatic growth in business as well as increase brand name, customers and sales, if implemented correctly. Email marketing includes a wide range of methods like direct mail marketing, newsletters, advertisements and promotional offers. Now-a-days, there are so many email marketing companies that provide email services or bulk mail services at affordable rates. Therefore, this form of…

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Digital Marketing: Tap It To Your Advantage

The hot potato of the digital marketing industry today is the process of bringing synergy across all online channels like social media platforms, websites, blogs, SEO, e-mails, etc. for a consistent and a more in-depth engagement with the customer. Another major important question is how to integrate digital marketing with traditional marketing for a more efficient sales and marketing strategy. The primary objective of this strategy is to create a strong-rooted and unanimous positioning of your brand. It talks about the sales and products of a single brand irrespective of the medium of marketing. It helps marketers in developing strategies and focus their efforts in expanding their marketing across a various mix of marketing channels. It reaches out to a large number of consumers and gives valuable insight into customer…

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The Power of Content

  ''Your content is your product. Your marketing success depends on how you package and position the product''. Any marketer who would want his company to fare well in the competitiveness of a uniquely open online market would know that his/her only success mantra is, "Before you sell anything, you must create genuine value". In an online territory where 200 million internet users are using ad-blockers, organic traffic is the sole way to get out of the world of average sales. Organic traffic is a result of the likeness and relevance of the content among users. This leads to better website ranking through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO rewards businesses publishing quality, consistent content. It basically highlights the content of your webpage to the search engines and therefore, through effective…

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Search Engine Marketing- Write Side Up

Search Engine Marketing: an indispensable tool

When a consumer visits a search engine, one thing is clear- he is hunting for something. The chances of that person or company being you are really not that slim. This search may or may not be of a commercial nature but the fact that someone else may come and outshine you is not what will keep you surviving long in your business. It does not take a marketer long to understand that any customer looking up a query on the internet has either begun or is in the middle or the end stages of completing a purchase or getting an answer to their query. When a user is conducting a research for a product or service online and the information provided by you is what helps them get the…

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Social media-Write Side Up

20 Myths About Social Media

Social media today is the biggest content marketing tool in the hands of businessmen. But, there are numerous myths associated with social media marketing that need to be busted. Here are some such myths: 1. My Target Group Isn’t On Social Media- With more than 1 billion active internet users, there’s nothing under the sun you can’t sell on social media. 2. Joining All Social Networks Is Going To Be Beneficial- It is suggested that you do your research, find out the networks with widest reach and focus your advertising on those. 3. Setting Up My Account Is Enough On Social Media Marketing- You need much more than just to set up an account in order to use social media as a proper marketing tool. You need to handle it…

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What Bloggers Can Gain From Content Marketers?

From the time the internet has gained popularity, a new interest has gripped the youth of the country, blogging. Sharing information, your thoughts or your review of specific brands, businesses and places, may it be a restaurant or a city, gives us bloggers a rush. But, this rush is doubled as soon as readers start appreciating and popularizing the content we publish. Our reader base, however, remains limited to the friends and family members, following us on social media. This seems like a disadvantage, especially to those capable of making content that they know could inspire a large number of people. To help us achieve the reader base we deserve, there are content marketers. These are basically businesses experienced in identifying the target audience for a particular content and distributing…

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Digital Marketing- Write Side Up

Ingredients of a Fruitful Digital Marketing Strategy

We live in an era where having a digital marketing strategy is one of the very basic activities a company should be aiming to accomplish. Some people invest in these activities and do not see a decent Return on Investment to continue with it or even suggest to others. There are a few factors that need to be kept in mind while opting for Digital Marketing. Ideally, one should opt for a good Digital Marketing agency that can do the work and you, as customers, can continue to focus on your core activities of building your business. Although, you should have an idea of what you’re asking the agency to accomplish for you, that way there will not be a difference between what you are paying for and what you…

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