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Become a top ranking blogger

Are You Looking To Become A Top Ranking Blogger?

Blogging is an integral part of content creation, a marketing strategy often employed by individuals or brands in order to generate more traffic, leads, and ROI. Blogging is a sure shot way in which you can get your blog or company at the top of Google SERPs. However, it is often seen by many brands/bloggers that the efforts they put in blogging does not generate the equivalent results. Despite investing so much, it is discouraging when enough traction is not generated. However, this in no way means that blogging itself is not doing its determined job, it’s just that somewhere you have to tweak your blogging strategies so that you can finally reap the benefits to its fullest. Following are some ways in which you can ensure that your blogs…

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Fashion Blogging

Fashion Blogging and Consumer Growth

The current times are characterized by the advent of technology and the heavy influence of social media. In such times, the increasing impact of bloggers on the consumers contributes to the effect of technology on the purchasing patterns of the people. Fashion blogging has particularly influenced the millennials, with over 41% of consumer trends being influenced by fashion bloggers. Fashion blogging is a broad term for all the activities conducted by bloggers in the realm of fashion. This includes trying out and inventing new trends, exploring different forms of fashion, promoting various designs and designers, brands, etc. Fashion blogging has become a blooming industry in recent times. Their digital influence is forever on a rise because they reduce the gap between trend-setting and actually persuading consumers to buy clothes. Described…

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The Art of Better Subjects

The Art of Writing Better Email Subjects

Email Marketing has always been one of the most preferred marketing strategies for various companies. Affordable and direct, email marketing has been instrumental in attracting potential customers. However, what baffles most of the marketers is how to make their mail standout in the user’s inbox out of the plethora of emails. The concept of first impression remains as impactful as ever, playing a vital role in demanding subscriptions and click-throughs for the email campaigns. The subject line is intrinsically the first point of contact between your brand and your potential client. As they say, first impression is the last impression, and, in this fast-moving world where time is a constraint, the only way of making an impact of your brand via the mail is to grab the user’s attention in…

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Copywriting is the use of words or ideas to promote a person, a company or a business. It is written content conveyed through online media and print media. The content is primarily used for the purpose of marketing or advertising with the objective of increasing brand awareness and to engage or persuade the customers or targeted audience to actually carry out the purchase. In the simplest sense, it is the actual creation of demand for your product; copywriting makes the people want to buy your product because of the content that is provided to them. The best copywriting seamlessly weaves the product and ideology of the brand into one cloth of creativity that gets people into action i.e. they buy your product or even ideology for that matter. It can…

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Content writers for fashion industry

Why Content Is Important For Fashion Bloggers?

Consider this situation: you’re picking your nose whilst scrolling down the plethora of images with colors splattered here and there mutely and pictographically advising you, “Hey! Time’s up. You require a makeover”. Something’s missing right? Yes! Where’s the oxygen for all those picturesque and enticing images? It is supplied through supplements of words. Fashion is not always about upfront appearance, it goes beyond the normative inhibitions that people carry in their minds. Words threaded along with the pictures explore all the aspects of fashion giving a glimpse of the abundance of arena you have to present your work from different angles. When we have an option of stimulating both hemispheres, why adhere to stagnation? Fashion bloggers use content writing as a catalyst in order to set a deal between the…

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Compendious Content & How It Can Provide an Edge

In the ever-evolving and ever-changing market of digitalization, only one thing is constant: the competition. In fact, now that the competition is fiercer than ever, it has become extremely important to focus on topics that were previously considered trivial. One such topic is the content of your marketing proposal and more importantly, its comprehensiveness. It’s always a mix of individuality and credibility of the subject matter and all-inclusive information that the content provides that boosts the performance of a website and generates steady organic traffic to the same. The first and most important step towards gaining an edge over your competition is to detect any and every question that a searcher might have. These questions could be implicit or explicit. These questions could be based on the establishment’s background, on…

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For a digital marketer, detecting keywords and their efficacious usage is one of the most important knacks. Insertion of specific words that indicate the content of a document will ensure sufficient organic visits to your website. It’s very important to be able to weed out the bad keywords from the good ones that are more commonly generated in an information retrieval system. Bearing that in mind, we present to you the 4 steps on building your very own marketing system through effective use of keywords: 1. The first and most important step in finding operative keywords is creating a catalogue. The main objective of this step is to look beyond the generic and common keywords that are used by every Tom, Dick and Harry. One must think outside the box…

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All The Don’ts Of An Effective Content Marketing Plan

To get consistent organic traffic to your website, from content perspective, it is very important to get a Freud-level understanding of the tastes and habits of your audience. An effective content marketing plan would take into consideration the process of giving information about just enough things that the consumer wants, giving a preview of your services and then pitching in product sales. Keeping this in mind, we bring to you the 'don'ts' of content marketing that will guide any company or content creation agency to build fruitful content marketing strategies: 1. Don't build a plan without digging into your user base: Content without user demand is coffee without aroma! Unimaginable! It is therefore very important to research about the likes and dislikes of your consumers and potential consumers. You wouldn't…

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The Power of Content

  ''Your content is your product. Your marketing success depends on how you package and position the product''. Any marketer who would want his company to fare well in the competitiveness of a uniquely open online market would know that his/her only success mantra is, "Before you sell anything, you must create genuine value". In an online territory where 200 million internet users are using ad-blockers, organic traffic is the sole way to get out of the world of average sales. Organic traffic is a result of the likeness and relevance of the content among users. This leads to better website ranking through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO rewards businesses publishing quality, consistent content. It basically highlights the content of your webpage to the search engines and therefore, through effective…

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Write Side Up- Blog

What Bloggers Can Gain From Content Marketers?

From the time the internet has gained popularity, a new interest has gripped the youth of the country, blogging. Sharing information, your thoughts or your review of specific brands, businesses and places, may it be a restaurant or a city, gives us bloggers a rush. But, this rush is doubled as soon as readers start appreciating and popularizing the content we publish. Our reader base, however, remains limited to the friends and family members, following us on social media. This seems like a disadvantage, especially to those capable of making content that they know could inspire a large number of people. To help us achieve the reader base we deserve, there are content marketers. These are basically businesses experienced in identifying the target audience for a particular content and distributing…

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