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Digital Marketing- Write Side Up

Unipro – Digital Marketing for Education Sector

The education sector is a perfect competition today. Both, the number of students looking for institutions and the institutions themselves, are at a constant rise, making it absolutely essential for any private player in the market to reach out to students and inform them about what they’d gain from their institution. This, however, is tough when all the advertising platforms have your competitors crowding the reader space. In this tough competition, looking for a new and advanced way to communicate with the young audience of the educational institutions, the founders of Unipro Education Pvt. Ltd. stumbled upon a huge virgin platform of advertisement by educational institutions, i.e., digital marketing. Establishing The Idea The establishment of Unipro began with a 3-member team, all experienced in the fields of education and media.…

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Voice Search & It’s Effects On Digital Marketing Strategies

The development of Cortana, Siri and Google Now has led to an increase in voice searches worldwide. Google recently reported that more than 55% of teenagers and 41% adults use voice searches several times daily. This change has a major effect on all content marketing strategies, and if you can understand this properly, it can boost your search engine ranks immensely. Decrease In Keyword Search Leads To Decrease In Traffic To Keyword Optimized Sites Voice search means asking questions to find results rather than keywords. This completely bypasses the long-tail search strategies that most marketers use. People are asking questions like they would ask some other person, in full sentences. Hence, keyword optimized sites are receiving less traffic. The Need To Adjust Content marketers need to adjust to this change,…

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