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Web Development- Flat is the new Black

The Craft of Website Development – Flat is the New Black

Last time, we talked about how important it is for any business organisation, start-up, freelancer or a small corporation to have a digital presence. For a customer, not being able to track their favourite organisation online is like meeting your soulmate before they disappear from your life without leaving a trace behind. Before, of course, they move on to the next person and then the person after that. Not exactly optimising, is it? Which is why, it is so important for any business to have a website that provides all the information that a user might need and has a total sense of simplicity. In continuation to our previous post where we mentioned that we would be talking about four different aspects of website development throughout the week. We first…

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Compendious Content & How It Can Provide an Edge

In the ever-evolving and ever-changing market of digitalization, only one thing is constant: the competition. In fact, now that the competition is fiercer than ever, it has become extremely important to focus on topics that were previously considered trivial. One such topic is the content of your marketing proposal and more importantly, its comprehensiveness. It’s always a mix of individuality and credibility of the subject matter and all-inclusive information that the content provides that boosts the performance of a website and generates steady organic traffic to the same. The first and most important step towards gaining an edge over your competition is to detect any and every question that a searcher might have. These questions could be implicit or explicit. These questions could be based on the establishment’s background, on…

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Creative and artistic web design agency

The Art of Web Design: The Sophistication of Minimalism

We have arrived at our last segment in The Art of Web Design series. We have touched upon topics like fonts, duotones and parallax scrolling. Today we are going to look at one of the oldest and perhaps the most important trend in web design which is minimalism. Many of today’s popular trends like flat design and large backgrounds or texts are influenced by the original trend that was minimalism. It borrows its philosophy from the ancient field of fine arts where the content is prioritized over the design and it helps focus your design towards simplification of user tasks. This is one design that is extremely user friendly and valuable when you wish to emphasis or highlight your subject matter. When utilized effectively, the objective of minimalistic website designing…

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The Art of Web Design: The New Parallax

Picking up where we left off the last time, let’s look at another significant trend in web design currently. A fairly recent trend used by web designers is called parallax scrolling. Initially the term referred to a technique where the backdrop images move slower as compared to the images on the forefront. This method was typically used in the gaming industry. However, it has emerged as one of the top trends in website creation in the recent times. The purpose of parallax scrolling is to create an illusion of depth in a 2D environment that captivates your audience. It can refer to any movement of two objects or images at the same time but at different velocities. There are various types of methods that are utilized in parallax scrolling like…

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The Art of Web Design: Duotone Domination

Last we spoke about the importance of web design and the different trends in website creation and designing. These aspects are important to those who wish to create a new website or give a makeover to their old one. In continuation to that, we’ll be looking at the current dominating trend of duotones in web design. The new and digital world of websites is filled with various colour contrasts, combinations, structures and so on. These colours can range anywhere from subtle to in-your-face. Mostly belonging to the latter category are duotones. It has become arguably the hottest and most viewed style of this year. Let’s take a look at the reason behind this. As the name suggests, duotones refer to the combination of only two colours, used to create an…

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The Art of Web Design: Power of Fonts

Any digital marketing pro worth his or her salts will know how important it is to give particular attention to the web design during website creation. Which is why, most or all of them dabble into professional website design along with other aspects of digital marketing. Blogs, Celebrity website, Firms and Organizations websites, etc. aside, innovative and creative web designing is especially important to Ecommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. that generate the most organic traffic in the entire digital media land. Therefore, ecommerce website design is considered one of the most significant categories in website designing. There are a few aspects any professional web designer must keep in mind when they have to create website designs for any and all websites. Write Side Up is here with a…

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Your Website: A Global Window into your World

Web marketing refers to a broad category of marketing strategies that take many different forms but generally involves any marketing activity conducted online. Web marketing is growing increasingly popular because online spaces are less expensive that television advertisements and also, there are many ways to attract potential customers via websites, blogs, emails and other marketing strategies. Web Marketing is now an indispensable tool of a company's marketing activity. In this broad spectrum of online marketing, web design has become very important for companies to increase their consumer base. Given that millions of users explore the internet everyday worldwide, it is a must for any company to create website to lure users and prospective consumers. For any company, their website is their global window to the world, the company is not…

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For a digital marketer, detecting keywords and their efficacious usage is one of the most important knacks. Insertion of specific words that indicate the content of a document will ensure sufficient organic visits to your website. It’s very important to be able to weed out the bad keywords from the good ones that are more commonly generated in an information retrieval system. Bearing that in mind, we present to you the 4 steps on building your very own marketing system through effective use of keywords: 1. The first and most important step in finding operative keywords is creating a catalogue. The main objective of this step is to look beyond the generic and common keywords that are used by every Tom, Dick and Harry. One must think outside the box…

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Video Marketing and its Rising Popularity

Video Marketing is one of the most trending techniques of internet marketing. In the simplest of terms, video marketing is promoting or marketing your product or brand through a video. It's increased popularity lies in the meteoric rate at which its use is rising. A video is visual, aural and conceptual experience, which can generate a good amount of leads and conversions for your company when used effectively. The best part of video marketing is that it can be molded according to your company's objectives. For example, if your company wants to target increasing sales, the video can be about instructions to use a particular product or its benefits. If your company wants to increase its popularity, the video can consist of information or an overview about the company. Video…

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creative-vs-analytical- Write Side Up

Digital Marketing: Creative & Analytical

In an ever-changing complex retail market, digital marketing has emerged as an important tool that connects the purchaser and the producer. The use of digital marketing not only allows a brand to successfully market itself, but also allows the entrepreneurs and small-scale producers to establish themselves. The main goal of digital marketing is to ensure that a product is as appealing and attractive to a consumer as can be while warranting that the producer’s investment reaps fruitful results. A digital marketing plan is bound to fail if it lacks proper planning and analytical research as well as a creative edge. It can never be either one or the other. A successful digital marketing plan should be thoroughly investigated and data driven in order to analyse the competitive market to understand…

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