We are all aware that most of the websites ask us to either register on them or connect with them by using our Facebook account. So many of us are irritated because these websites end up randomly posting on our Facebook pages. What if we want something to be a secret? What if we don’t want to share our search queries with the huge list of people on Facebook that are connected to us?

To get us out of this rut, Netflix has finally taken a step forward to ensure that the movies you watch on their website will only enter the news feed of those friends that you choose. Well, that’s convenient! By allowing this control to their users, Netflix ensures that it gets more and more users to sign up with them.

By connecting our Netflix account with our Facebook account, we will be able to view what our friends are watching (if they allow us to receive their updates) and that may end up being something that interests us. There are so many people who do not know what to watch and so they end up not watching anything at all. To curb that, Netflix has gone out of its way and created a feature that has become the talk of the town!

This new feature will first be made available to those users that are using the website on PCs, web-connected TVs, video game consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox systems and Apple’s iPhone. People using Android devices will have access to this feature in a few months. Once you are done watching a video, such as a TV show or a movie on Netflix, a message will pop up and ask whether you would like to recommend that video to a friend of yours. If you do, then your friend would be notified via Facebook.

What Netflix is trying to do is understand the way people talk in real life and adapt it on their website. If there is a big show airing on television then people are watching it at the same time in different pats of the world but with on demand, they can do it as and when they wish to. To steer clear of spams, Netflix has added a feature that can allow viewers to recommend a video to an individual friend and this notification will not even appear in the news feed of that person.

Thankyou Netflix for making our lives that much more convenient. Hope this feature does wonders for your website.