Content Marketing is often confused as a marketing activity that big companies indulge in. This is a huge misconception. This is a community that bloggers are a huge part of. Solo bloggers write on different niches, this is their way of showing off their writing skills and building their names as their brand. Since they are writing on niches of their own choice, they are portraying their expertise in that field.

Individual bloggers start up their blogs for reasons of their own. Some do it just to spend their time in a constructive manner whereas some try to create a name for themselves via blogging. There are separate ways by which these bloggers try to gain more readership.

They do more research on the niche they are operating in and try to come up with topics and properties that are likely to get them more and more audience. They use different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. to widen their audience base. Bloggers also use tools such as Hootsuite to stay on target and update their blogs from time to time.

Usually their marketing team constitutes of only them and they earn their living by doing blog posts for other firms and individuals, indulging in affiliate marketing, etc. Since there are a lot of social media platforms, handling blogs and reaching out to more and more readers has become quite a task.

Initially, content marketing was based mostly on writing but these days, people enjoy more of visual content. It is almost impossible to do it all if you are flying solo but over time bloggers who write well and genuine content do get noticed. Blogging has become a very common activity and more and more people can be seen involving themselves into it.