Copywriting is the use of words or ideas to promote a person, a company or a business. It is written content conveyed through online media and print media. The content is primarily used for the purpose of marketing or advertising with the objective of increasing brand awareness and to engage or persuade the customers or targeted audience to actually carry out the purchase. In the simplest sense, it is the actual creation of demand for your product; copywriting makes the people want to buy your product because of the content that is provided to them. The best copywriting seamlessly weaves the product and ideology of the brand into one cloth of creativity that gets people into action i.e. they buy your product or even ideology for that matter. It can include slogans, witty one-liners, headlines, commercials and so one. Copywriting is the keystone of marketing. It sells your brand to the common people.

A good copywriter is thus very important as copywriting is what actually provokes the audience, through various emotions, to essentially act on the advertisement or content given. A copywriter has to be analytical as well as artistic. He should know how to spellbound the audience with a dash of wits and yet he should know how to examine the success of the copy. A good copywriter should be an enthusiastic learner, researcher and interviewer. All these skills combines can give the whole process of copywriting a holistic view of the market or the audience since a copywriter’s main goal is to engage the audience. For this reason, he should know what are the current trends, preferences, likes, favorites, etc along with the basic understanding of the target audience. He should be informed and ready to face criticism, because when you create something out of nothing, you need knowledge and that too an updated one along with the strength to accept the flaws, if any, in that ‘something’. Being self-assured is another trait to look for along with flexibility, vocabulary and obviously, creativity. All these traits truly define a good copywriter which is equal to good content which means good sales!

With regards to internet marketing, the entire spectrum of copywriting opportunities has expanded. Copywriting now includes web content, ads, emails, blogs, social media and other forms of electronic communication. The main difference here is that writing for the web tends to be more pointed and concise as compared to traditional advertising. Web copywriting for SEO aims for higher rankings on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Website copywriting is important mainly because your website is the first contact any potential client has with your company. Take out the content from your website and all you are left with is images and a background! Copywriting helps the readers to know what they want and where will they get what they want. It is all about giving the right information in the best possible way to trigger the expected action. Be it producing high quality content to increase rankings or using appropriate information on a website for brand impression, copywriting is the way! Copywriting is content and content is the key to any form of marketing!

87% marketers struggle to produce engaging content. You surely don’t want to be among them! You now know the importance of copywriting, rather good copywriting. It is the sure-short method to excel in customer engagement and sales. To boil it down to one statement, it is the actual communication between your brand and your customers, be it the traditional way or the digital way! Now when you have decided to pay enough attention to copy, opportunity has itself come at your doorstep! Write Side Up is a digital marketing agency based in Mumbai and we provide services spanning the entire horizon of internet marketing along with copywriting. As a company, we share the same goal as any of our clients: customer satisfaction and superior quality services. We intend to not only provide the best to you, but also to bring out the rest from you at a customized price model! Trust us with your business and we will entrust you with a brand, not only by copywriting, but by any digital medium. Connect with us at to know more!