Effects of Digital Marketing

Sipping hot coffee and reading newspaper was once upon a time a morning ritual for the masses. Leaflets and flyers garnished with new products, schemes and services in the market were eagerly awaited by the population. However, with the advent in the field of technology, we slowly lost touch with our roots and ventured into an undiscovered era. The pomp and show and the glossy glamour entwined us into the web of clicks. Now, sipping the morning cup of coffee whilst scrolling down the news and scrutinizing those random pop ups and advertisements has inculcated itself into our routine.

Digital marketing is simply modernizing the traditional approach through the lens of technology thus obliterating physical existence of shops and introducing online marketing of goods, products and services. The structural and functional changes in the market have largely targeted small scale industries thus fixating and stagnating their growth graph. With the outburst of internet growth, people are leaning towards digital resources even for their basic needs and wants. The new category of sellers are also opting for online reserves rather than going through the extensive procedure of setting up an industry or a company.

Due to the advancement and wide acceptance of first hand marketing, the foundation of small scale industries is getting revolutionarise. Small scale entrepreneurs are adapting new means with open hands thus reforming their system with new thoughts and ideologies. This further generates employment and fresh set of ideas inorder to be listed down on the success chart. Internet helps faster mobilization and greater connectivity thus using it to their benefit; they endorse their products amongst the masses expanding their boundaries. Small scale industries are confined within the walls of their working space and their field, online marketing helps them to shred those lines and amalgamate with other streams of work thus creating exclusive and unique patterns of products.

Small scale industries develop new opportunities and facilitate improvements in their existing offerings thus, maintaining their uniqueness in the crowd. Also, for developing countries, small scale industries act as a backbone of a country’s economic growth and prosperity. By indulging into technosavy practices, these industries nourish the welfare of the country. Internet has enabled small enterprise to increase revenue, reduce cost and improve productivity. It also facilitates room for improvement and further scope in the field through feedbacks and reviews. The competence of an industry is tested through the plethora of already established industries thus indulging into qualitative and healthy competition.

However, pros render itself with its cons thus weighing the efficiency of the resource. Small scale industries are dependent on internet inorder to circulate their services thus curbing the independent stage. The literacy levels might act as an obstacle for small scale industries inorder to deal with the knowhow of all the technological aspects. Sedentary lifestyle would prioritize itself thus dislodging primary lifestyle. Connectivity might also act a as barrier due to limited internet resources widely available with least inconvenience.