In the 21st century, reaching out to your target audience marketing has transformed. The means of marketing have undergone changes. Email marketing has, in this play of marketing strategies, become a game changer.

In its broadest sense, email marketing means using mails sent to potential customers or current customers for advertisements, business requests, soliciting sales or donations. It is used to build trust, loyalty and brand awareness. It is useful to bring about a dramatic growth in business as well as increase brand name, customers and sales, if implemented correctly. Email marketing includes a wide range of methods like direct mail marketing, newsletters, advertisements and promotional offers. Now-a-days, there are so many email marketing companies that provide email services or bulk mail services at affordable rates. Therefore, this form of marketing is becoming increasingly effective and is widely used.

While email has stood the test of time, many marketers are not successful enough to upgrade their strategies since its inception. To make sure that the mails sent to your client are not forwarded to trash, it is very important to understand the best use of email marketing through the following email campaigns:

1) Airbnb: The best element of successful email marketing is personalisation, a way of doing that is sending an introductory mail to all the customers. This, along with relevant and simple design and content made Airbnb’s emails worth the time.

2) Help Scout: When you give customers what they want in the form of information, you automatically ensure their attention an engagement. Help Scout reached out to specifically engaged customers by delivering freebies and mails highlighting their customer services. A key to a successful campaign indeed!

3) Banana Republic: They made use of both personalisation and customer incentives, a combination which led to a great marketing campaign. They first gave their subscribers a sneak preview of a promo specifically made for their preferences and then one click would lead them to the actual site. It basically involves teasing the customers a little and revealing only the right amount of information with an incentive that would require a follow-up.

4) PayPal: In any email marketing campaign, it is very important to reflect the general audience’s sensibilities. If anyone can relate to your incentives, you have already made your marketing successful. PayPal talked about shopping and bill splitting etc. something that anyone could relate to, which eventually led to its success.

5) Amazon: Customising recommendations or using your analytics and data to know the buying behaviour and preferences of your customer can go a long way in building a loyal user base. Amazon sent mails with specific recommendations based on their data. In the end, when you let your consumers know that you care, you will inevitably gain their loyalty.

6) Buzzfeed: It is very important to have a consistent brand voice through your visuals and content. Buzzfeed uses quirky headlines for its articles as well as newsletters, which ensure that the brand doesn’t adopt generic templates.

These are just six out of the many successful email campaigns. One should try to use an effective combination of all the above-mentioned tips that those companies used to have a successful email marketing campaign. However, the best practices of email marketing have no lists prepared because in the end, the company and its customers share a subjective bond, each one unique from another. Standardizing and generalizing any practice would never suffice. But, what you can do is try to incorporate these essentials in your mail campaigns and see the results yourselves!

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