Fashion Blogging

The current times are characterized by the advent of technology and the heavy influence of social media. In such times, the increasing impact of bloggers on the consumers contributes to the effect of technology on the purchasing patterns of the people. Fashion blogging has particularly influenced the millennials, with over 41% of consumer trends being influenced by fashion bloggers.

Fashion blogging is a broad term for all the activities conducted by bloggers in the realm of fashion. This includes trying out and inventing new trends, exploring different forms of fashion, promoting various designs and designers, brands, etc. Fashion blogging has become a blooming industry in recent times. Their digital influence is forever on a rise because they reduce the gap between trend-setting and actually persuading consumers to buy clothes. Described as ‘opium of masses’, fashion blogs are products of innovation that guarantee reliability and trust from the readers. Their e-word of mouth plays a powerful role in making or breaking a brand. Fashion bloggers have become much more instrumental to brands than the traditional models.

One of the main reasons why fashion blogging has gained much importance now is its honesty in depicting or reviewing a brand. Because fashion bloggers first start off as experimenters, their followers build up only when the followers trust their content. In due time, fashion bloggers thus become profitable influencers for brands to advertise their product, because, the possibility of getting customers through a loyal follower-base is much higher than plain model-advertising. Fashion bloggers influence trends and patterns of consumer preferences, moulding them in the required or desired direction.

Fashion bloggers also act a link between the brand and the consumers. They can filter and channelize the brand’s collection that would suit the taste of their followers thus pitching to me a direct trend of their choice. This increases the possibility of increasing customers. Through fashion blogging, the consumers are directly connected to the trends of their choice offered by the brands. The likelihood of a consumer preferring your brand increases when they have been exposed to all the possible aspects of visual creativity and beauty of the brand, according to their preferences, especially by a blogger whose content they like and trust. This is exactly why fashion blogging is a thriving industry amidst the increasing use of social media by brands for consumer growth.