In today’s day and age, when internet has taken over in such a tremendous manner, it becomes imperative for businesses to create a higher impact on their target group of customers to generate more leads. The more leads a website receives, the better it is for the business. Social Media platforms are very effective when it comes to gaining more user attention.

Just optimising these platforms and giving customers what they want can result in higher leads. There are a few strategies that are unusual but work effectively if rightly implemented.

1. Build Facebook Groups: The organic reach for businesses through Facebook is continuing to diminish. To alleviate this, marketers should start to manage Facebook Groups so that members of that group who wish to learn about your business and can become customers or consumers and get an opportunity to opt for direct updates.

2. Indulge in meaningful conversations: The stakeholders of your company, i.e., your clients, customers, etc. are important people for your business. If you ensure that by updating posts on your social media platforms you can encourage meaningful conversations to sprout between your stakeholders, they will always reference you and keep the name of your company alive as and when possible.

3. Use many social media platforms for marketing: Marketing is a common factor across all businesses but strategies differ. There are many platforms for social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. that attract potential customers in large numbers. If businesses focus on creating strategies for each of these platforms then they can create a brand awareness that will help them generate more leads.

4. Provide structure to your work: When you work on social media platforms, it is very easy to facilitate one on one conversations between customers and the business. If you are looking for customers to make a reply to a certain post, you should give them a proper structure so that they get more creative. This will give them more time to keep your company in their mind and in turn, generate leads.

5. Customize your tweets: Almost all tweets have the same font and style but if you take out some time to custom format your tweets by giving it a different font and putting a line break between two sentences, your tweets will stand out.

6. Longer posts work better: There are restrictions on Twitter when it comes to character limits but on other platforms like Facebook or Google+, posts can be longer. Longer posts have proven to end up getting more comments.