Content Marketing is something that is frequently written about. There are umpteen number of posts going up that continually say how one can write better content, how one should write content for their audience, how one should know their audience, etc. There are hardly any posts that shed light on how to know your audience.

Write Side Up is a content marketing agency. On a regular basis, we work with clients belonging to different industries by writing their blogs or doing social media posts, etc. for them. It becomes our job to write for the audience that these companies serve. We need to know the target group of one company from another clearly so that the right kind of content is produced. To do this successfully, we use this tool called Google Analytics.

We believe that if you are investing time and providing content writing services to people then why not do it right. Using Google Analytics has helped us in a monumental manner by helping us serve our customers right. As the name suggests, this is a tool that helps us analyse what our target group of customers may or may not like.

Once you log into your Google Analytics account, you will notice an ‘audience’ tab in the left column. The sub-sections in this tab show you the kind of audience you are catering to and whether or not you want to continue doing that. The sub-sections include demographics, interests, geo, behaviour, technology and mobile. You can also customise this list by highlighting your requirements.

The report that you get will show you whether your content is created for your target group of customers or not. Content has become really important these days and search engine rankings do not only look for keywords in your content but also check whether the content is of good quality. There are all these things and many more that help a website rank higher on Google.

For better rankings, everyone is creating content so why should Google push you up further than the rest? It all depends on the additional steps that you take. Start using the Google Analytics tool and create the right content to attract the right kind of customer group. Impress your customers and you will have impressed the search engines.