It is a universal fact that Content is King. Now that this has been established and accepted by most of us, the tough part begins. You need to actually keep aside some time for the purpose of writing. There are various things that need to be written. This can be your blog post, a press release, an e-book if you’re looking to get that done and the list goes on.

One thing cannot help you decide what needs to be done first. There are various factors such as the plans you have for your campaign and your goals which play a major role in helping you create the path for your future actions.

The one thing that plays a major role is your work style. If you are someone who starts an activity in order to finish it, then it would be better if you just start with your e-book and then later convert it into blog posts. On the other hand, if you like to enjoy simple things while you are on a mission then you are someone who should start writing your daily or weekly blog posts and then later on convert it into an e-book.

Blogs are always a good way to start with your content plan. Every blog added to your website is a new web page. Each blog is centered around a different keyword and therefore, you have a better chance of attracting more readers. If you are looking to increase your readership and create more traffic on your website, then blogging should be number one on your to-do list. Also, blog posts are easier to write. Every post should at least have a minimum word count of 500 words. Since one topic needs to be spoken about in just so many words, the work gets done faster.

Most people often wonder when the right time is to start working on an e-book. Whenever a website is attracting customers but is unable to gather any leads, then it is time to write an e-book. You can later on break it down into various blog posts as well. Another time that is good to write an e-book is when you are learning about a new topic. This would require you to do a lot of research on the various subtopics as well. Conducting this research and creating a piece of your own will help you have all the information in a proper manner and in one place.

Many of us spend too much time thinking and too little time writing. Sometimes when you sit to write, you think about an introduction but it doesn’t come to you straight off. Instead of berating yourself or putting it off for another hour or day, you could start with the body and come to the introduction later. It is said that this also helps you create a better introduction since you know beforehand what the rest of the content is.

Writing has become a necessity, but most companies do not have the time to sit and make a content strategy and then create this content. It is better to then hire a content marketing firm to share the load with you. Write Side Up, is one such firm that will help you in all your content marketing needs and will create pieces that will keep your readers hooked and coming back for more.