Free advertising? Is that even believable?

This is the most common response when people hear about the free ad coupons being generated by Facebook. Usually, when one hears advertising, they start calculating the amount of money they’ll have to shell out in order to even begin that process. Most firms are not into making that kind of investment because according to them, they have done pretty well without it up until now.

People usually start to get into something, once they receive a little push. And if this push is being served for free, then why not!

Facebook, with two other companies, Google and Bing, has started to give free coupons to businesses to start their advertisements. These coupons are offered in various price ranges and needless to say, one does not keep receiving these coupons without end.

Three ways to get a free Facebook Ad Coupon:

The best way to get a free advertisement coupon is to get it from Facebook itself. What you have to do is talk to the marketing team of Facebook and if they do agree to grant you a free ad, you can proceed in two different ways:

a. Ensure that you use the Ad Create Tool in order to create your first advertisement. Click on ‘Place Order’ and add the coupon. Enter the coupon code there and also enter the details of the primary account with which you would like to use to make your payments.
b. The second way to go about it is to open the ‘Payment Methods’ tab and then opt to add a new payment method. Then click on the Facebook ad coupon and continue.

2. Hosting companies provide freebies from time to time. They encourage marketing on social media websites and therefore, they also provide free ad coupons for Facebook. There’s a huge chance that a big hosting provider (if you are using the services of one) is giving out these free ad coupons. You can check their website or contact them to get more information about the same.

3. It is possible that a reseller may provide a free ad coupon. These can be companies like Ebay. Although, when you opt for this method, you must ensure that you do not receive an expired coupon. Facebook also states that you shouldn’t be using these coupons as sometimes the code has been used previously.

A free Ad coupon can be your first step towards starting your marketing with Facebook and other such social media platforms. Based on your experience of the same, you can decide whether or not you wish to continue doing so in the future.