Unless your content is unique, no one is going to look at it. How do you create unique content everyday? That’s a million dollar question most of us are still trying to answer.

The best method to understand what kind of content is working for you is to analyze the content that you have already posted. This serves as a strong foundation to help you build better posts that will work for you in the future.

When you are looking at the content you have already posted and deciding how you should go further, there are various questions you ask yourself. Among these questions, the most important ones need to be answered first. They are:

1. Have the topics, you have been posting, been successful?
You need to start by creating a content core. A content core is creating an understanding between what you do and what you need to write about. Once that is clear, create a bridge between what you want to talk about and what your audience would like to hear. If there is a particular post that has been successful for you, try to create more posts on those lines.

2. Understand the platform that generates more leads
Social Media platforms are increasing by leaps and bounds. There are many platforms that need to be posted on. You must understand the platform that offers you most attention and create posts that will easily grab attention.

3. Timing is of utmost importance
It’s imperative to know when your readers are logging into their accounts. Different timings work for different domains. You should experiment by posting at different times so that you can assess what works best for you. Once that is done, you should try and create more posts at that time as they will get more attention.

4. Visuals or text?
Posts that we publish are either more visually attractive or plain text. Assessing the attention received by these posts will help understand if visuals are working for you or posts with more text. This will help you in making future posts that will help you grab more attention.

These are just a few questions that you should have clarity on before you start creating more posts online.