Instagram for Business

It won’t be a lie to say that Instagram has taken over the world of social media. With over 500 million users, surpassing twitter as well, Instagram has become the hot potato of not only the social media world but also the business world. It has become a business-generating ground for many websites and companies. With 300 million people using Instagram every day, it is but obvious that this ultra-popular social networking powerhouse will become a haven for advertising and marketing.

Instagram has within its bandwidth the privilege of letting a company put something visually striking in front of the concerned target audience. As a result, a lot of brands have stepped up to advertise their products on Instagram and use its vast audience for their business. Due to the visual and creative power of Instagram, most of the brands are successful in achieving their pre-determined business goals. Instagram has thus become the ideal platform for e-commerce environments and businesses that want to sell. The presence of celebrities and bloggers on Instagram and the influential system of more followers has made it all the more advertisement and sales-inducing.

According to statistics provided by, 30% of Instagram users buy products that they discover on Instagram. It has already amassed business worth one billion in one year, clearly reflecting on the amount and extent of success brands have seen while using Instagram for business development. With the advent of sponsored ads and users turning into shoppers, Instagram has become the hub of brands who especially want to appeal to millennials. Users often look for brands and companies on Instagram and instantly follow brands even if they simply love it. The aesthetic appeal and visuals of a brand can go a long way in securing profitable businesses for e-commerce sites.

Instagram even beats out direct traffic. Which means, visitors coming from Instagram are often more engaged and probable prospects than the ones coming directly to the websites. Thus, the engagement that Instagram offers is up to the company to use to the fullest. This is mainly because the creative aspects of Instagram is limited not only to products but also to other engagement-worthy content like polls, reviews, stories, quotes, travelogues, offers, manufacturing process pictures, festive-season pointers, customer feedback, micro-influencers promotion, and so on; the list is endless. Since one can post anything and everything on Instagram, the brands have a wide variety of options to choose from to pitch their products as well their goodwill and creativity for maximum customers.

Users tend to purchase what they see on their Instagram feed. It is nothing but click bait. A good Instagram presence is a win-win situation for the brand advertisers and the users-turned-customers. E-commerce need not always be about celebrity endorsements, although that possibility becomes much more accessible on Instagram. Sometimes, great visual engagement and right kind of appeal can work wonders for brand advertising and business.