Blog posts have become a common trend. So much so that brands that post more than 15 posts a month are said to receive 1200 more leads per month. Now who thought that blog posts would be your much needed boost?

It has become common knowledge that content is reshaping the face of the internet. The better the content, the stronger a contender you become. Even though many are aware that content is playing a strong role in getting people ahead in the game, they are not investing that much time and money into it. The best part about this is that even if you cannot write the content for your blogs, you can outsource it. It is always better to hire an expert to handle a part of your business that you aren’t so great at.

Blog posts are a must in a website. They provide added information to clients and also help in SEO. Write Side Up is a content marketing agency that provides content writing services. On a daily basis, we are meeting new clients who have become more aware of how Google functions and all of them are willing to take steps in that direction.

An entrepreneur, whether he is writing his own blogs or getting it outsourced, should understand when his posts start to serve no purpose at all. You may have posted something two years back and now it makes no sense at all. What you could do is, delete that content altogether or update it. Some people may think that deleting posts makes no sense because so much time and energy went into creating it. It will also create a negative impact on the SEO of the website. In that situation, updating this content should become first priority.

Most of us will not know when it is time to go back to old posts and make necessary changes. It’s quite simple actually. There are many reasons why old blog posts may not be useful any more. A few of them are:

1. The first and foremost reason is poor content. If your content is poor, you need to get rid of it. This goes without saying that Google’s algorithms have been updated and they now not only look at keywords but also at the quality of the content.
2. Companies may have posts that they may have publishes a few years ago about products that no longer exist. Do you actually need it? I think not. All the posts that are not making any sense any more need to be gotten rid of. Visitors that visit your blog should belong to your target group otherwise there is no result of them visiting your website at all. Write content that will attract your potential customers.
3. If you are embarrassed about the content you have previously posted then it surely needs to go. If you no longer like it, think about the impression it creates on your customers.

If you are not actually looking to delete these posts but you want to update them, then there are ways by which that can be accomplished.

1. You could start by editing the old content and styling it to enhance appearance. Add some new age logic into it and try to better connect it to the audience you cater to.
2. Most of the old content has dead links and images that either no longer make sense or are not attractive. Get rid of the old links and add new ones. For the images, you could design newer ones and make them more attractive.

There are ways by which old posts can be made better and can add to the SEO but there are some posts for which there is no hope. You must understand when to refurbish and when to get rid of it altogether. If not, Write Side Up is always there to help you.