Write Side Up– a content marketing agency that vehemently believes that quality deserves priority over everything else. With this firm a belief, we indulge in providing content marketing services to all our clients by understanding what they want and if required, by providing our own perspective. Usually, this may not be something that a client would want and in that case we steer clear of it. Although, I would like to shed light on why it is something that should be integrated in all projects.

As is often the case, people prefer to work on a project with a team of individuals that are thoroughly acquainted with the subject in question. This may make the work easy but it fails to provide a fresh perspective on the said subject. If you involve an outsider, you will notice that they have inputs to offer that would have otherwise not even come to forefront.

For example- it’s tough to find mistakes in one’s own product and service but that becomes really easy when we face the products and services of others. This is because we are so familiar with our products and services that finding flaws in them is not a possibility. On the other hand, we can easily look at the products offered by other companies and individuals with a fresher perspective.

The same is with content writing. A lot of firms can be seen outsourcing their content from SEO companies and content marketing agencies. This may be for the prime reason that they do not have the resources or the time to do it themselves and want a professional to look into it. But even with this thought, they are fulfilling the much needed factor- a fresh perspective! They are very familiar with their offerings but the agency that is working on their content draws up a piece that talks about this offering in a way that the needs and requirements of the company is fulfilled with the added advantage of the product being studied in a different way. Now who wouldn’t want that? Doesn’t this also give those firms additional marketing points?

Basically, familiarity is blind proficiency. You may be an expert in your field and someone -who is not an expert- coming in and telling you that something new may work may not be something you can easily gulp down. In such situations, it is better to hold your breath and just listen to what the outsider has to offer with an open mind. It may be the gold that you have been trying to dig.

Write Side Up is a content marketing agency that works in a manner that helps to provide the aforementioned gold to all its clients. By making quality our top priority, we are of the opinion that a fresh perspective doesn’t kill a project but only makes it shine brighter!