So we all know Apple- the ever famous electronic brand that everyone wishes to be associated with. The mere thought of owning and enjoying Apple products give us all a different feel. The brand has become a status symbol in today’s times and is enjoying the fame and glory that it is entitled to. Not only the brand but the founder, Steve Jobs is someone who is widely respected and loved.

While all of us become happy by just owning an Apple product, Musa Tariq, a former ad executive has now been appointed as the new social media chief at Apple. Imagining how ecstatic he must be? Well, I am too.

The first thing that comes to mind after listening to this piece of news is if Apple is planning to change it’s social media strategy. All of us know that Apple, as a brand does not have a social media presence. You will find no posts and updates on Twitter and Facebook coming directly from the brand. There is an account on both Facebook and Twitter for iTunes, there are also top executives like Tim Cook, Eddy Cue, Phil Chiller and Ahrendts who have accounts on Twitter.

Musa Tariq worked as the global director of digital marketing at Burberry from 2009 to 2012. In 2012, he was appointed as the global senior director of social media and community at Nike and is now the new social media chief at Apple.

While working at Burberry, Tariq would tweet about the latest trends and fashion introduced by the brand before those styles were presented on the runway. At Nike, he would try and do all the social media marketing of the brand in-house rather than relying on different agencies like AKQA and Wieden & Kennedy, Mindshare and R/GA.

UK’s top paid CEO, Angela Ahrendts, also shifts from Burberry to Apple to serve as the senior vice president of retail and online stores. This is a new post created specifically for her. Seems like Apple has something big in store.