As content marketers, our chief pursuit is to write optimised content and write it effectively. Content is written so that one becomes more visible on Google and other such search engines but if that content itself is not of good quality then you are more or less invisible online. Google will give you lower ranking if your content isn’t well-optimised and therefore, the idea behind writing that content is disturbed.

The one thing that you must know when you’re writing content is whether or not it will be of any use to your reader. If you’re writing for Google, then you might as well not write. Keyword research is very important when it comes to writing optimised content but what should be clearly avoided is keyword stuffing. Create a strategy and Stick.To.It.

Here, we put forward nine ways that will help you write worthwhile content for your readers:

1. The world is moving fast and no one has got any free time. Make sure that your content is engaging, offers a point of view and your opinion is put forward. If you respect your reader’s time, he or she will respect your content.
2. Adding images will generate more visual content and that has proved to get higher readability. Too much text may get boring sometimes and therefore, imagery helps break that monotony.
3. Sometimes, it is advisable to use lists. Paragraphs and paragraphs of content hinder quite a lot of readability. Most of the people are looking to quickly scan through your content. Best part would be to use lists sometimes and highlight the key points for easy perusal.
4. Telling a story has proved to be extremely rewarding. Such content becomes more engaging for the reader and they will want to come back and read your new articles time and again.
5. Using catchy titles is one of the key requirements to good writing. The title should be such that the reader is forced to go through the whole content.
6. Any article that exceeds about 300-450 words should be adorned with various subheadings. This will help break the monotony of the piece and it won’t look lengthy to the reader.
7. Using numbers allows the reader to go through the entire content in a jiffy. If you’re reading this and I know you are, you already know that it is going to keep you and the other readers hooked.
8. After creating good content, you should ensure that you put it up on various social media platforms. You write a good piece and no one reads it, then what’s the use of writing!
9. Create articles that are rich in keywords. Optimized content is more visible on the internet.