Writing is a delicate art. Especially when what you’re writing needs to be good enough to engage thousands of people, if not more.

In today’s world, where the internet is on its golden period with millions of attractions, if your blog is not attractive enough, you can be sure that no one’s going to look past your headline, however good the content might be.
To prevent this, there is a simple skeleton your blog needs to follow, as explained below:

1. Headline
The first thing you need to compel people to hit that link and open your blog post is a fun attractive headline to grab their attention. Every time you start writing, there must be one story or one topic you need to convey, and one particular target audience you need to convey it to.
A good title is something that is descriptive and engaging, but at the same time cryptic enough to not give away all the fun, preferably put in a way that would appeal to your target audience. This is the first thing a reader would see in your blog post, and if not done right, the last.

2. A lead paragraph
Once you’ve grabbed the attention of your readers, there comes an even more crucial stage, a stage where you need to keep the readers, having the lowest attention spans especially when on the internet, engaged.
To prevent people from giving up on your content after the first paragraph, you need to make sure this paragraph meets the expectations your readers had when they saw your attention-grabbing headline. This may be done by adding a relevant quote, a question, or even by making some bold claims to be substantiated later on in your content.

3. Call for action
At the end of the content comes the entire purpose of writing it.
Once you’ve engaged a reader to open your post with your headline, given them a mystery induced lead paragraph and substantiated your claims through small bullet points, comes the stage where you need to give your readers a takeaway, something that would give them a closure and not make them wonder why they bothered to open your blog.
These steps, together, would make sure to give you enough readers and also to give your readers something they come to the internet for, entertainment.

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