Search Engine Marketing- Write Side Up

When a consumer visits a search engine, one thing is clear- he is hunting for something. The chances of that person or company being you are really not that slim. This search may or may not be of a commercial nature but the fact that someone else may come and outshine you is not what will keep you surviving long in your business.

It does not take a marketer long to understand that any customer looking up a query on the internet has either begun or is in the middle or the end stages of completing a purchase or getting an answer to their query. When a user is conducting a research for a product or service online and the information provided by you is what helps them get the right answer, then you have a win! They will act on the information provided by you, i.e. if you appear on the top ranks of the search engine results page. This can lead to a conversion for you and your company and truly, what is better than more customers knocking at your doorstep.

Search engines are amazing for targeted traffic. Irrespective of whether you’re doing a paid listing or the results are organic, the fact that you rank high when a query is typed in a search engine and you can provide clear information to your client is all that matters.

It is a common opinion that the search engine results page is purely textual. These can either be text related or image, video and related to any format possible. Across the globe, only Google is not considered as a search engine. People type in their queries on YouTube, LinkedIn, Amazon, EBay, etc. It depends on the requirement of the user and the platform that can provide the most appropriate answer for that query. Therefore, being under the impression that a query can only be text based is not going to get you anywhere. Also, new forms of search keep popping up now and then. These days, voice based search has become very common in different parts of the globe.

In order to harness the advantages of organic and paid advertising on search engines, marketers must have a clear idea of what their targeted traffic is and the best way to get them to buy or use a certain product or service. The uniqueness of the traffic on search engines should be clearly understood before one actually starts to market there.

• The Low-Key Way of Marketing: Search Engine Marketing can also be termed as ‘just-in-time marketing’. Through this method, marketers do not get in the way of a person using the internet when he or she has not put up a query. Once a query has been typed in, only then does a result show up. This way, online users can carry on with their activities without any hindrances.
• Traffic is Voluntary: The behavior for search engine marketing is very audience driven. If a user likes the content, video or image posted by you, he or she will readily log onto your webpage and go through the matter provided by you.

Search engines have started using algorithms to determine the behavior of a user. Apart from the keyword typed in, the location of the searcher, their past searches, the pages they have followed, the sites they have looked at, and everything plays a crucial role when the results page opens up. The better the algorithm is, the better will be the research and the customer will be even happier.

Search Engine Marketing is one of those tools that cannot be overlooked. If you want to be someone, then opting to invest in SEM is one of the best decisions you will have made in a long time. Just make that decision sooner than later. Write Side Up is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses from different industries carry out this activity in a seamless manner. You can contact us for more information.