It has been established that having a good-looking website is just not enough. Continuous blogging and search engine optimization play a crucial role in enhancing a website. A few static pages are not the answer to higher rankings on SERP. You could try different kinds of marketing tactics like print media and banner advertisements to gain leads but if you rank high on Google, you are more than halfway there.

Creating content is the best and the smartest way of bagging high positions on SERP. By blogging, marketers get an opportunity to talk about a varied range of topics and educate their customers about the products and services they deal in. effective blogging works very well if you wish to drive targeted traffic to your website.

The sole reason for blogging is not to generate any kind of traffic to your website. Here, quality beats quantity, hands down. Building a relationship with your customers by providing them the right information is necessary. If you wish to rank high, create content for your readers and not for the search engine. If the reader likes what he or she reads, the search engine will automatically love you.

Benefits of Blogging

Blogging is something that has benefitted uncountable marketers. It is something that needs to be constant and kept up with. There are various benefits that marketers witness once they opt for effective blogging.

1. Increased Rankings: One of the primary factors that Google keeps in mind while ranking websites is the richness of content. The better the quality of blogs, the higher you are ranked. Websites that that often blog, especially on topics that are trending, rank higher than those who do not. White hat SEO techniques like building a good link profile also helps increase rankings. Marketers should draw a clear demarcation between link building and link scheming.

2. Conjure Leads: Any website that ranks high on SERP comes with more inbound links, increased interactions on social media platforms, better readership and more indexed pages. Higher rankings ensure that you have more visitors, which in turn helps generate leads.

3. Build Authority: Consistent blogging gives you an opportunity to answer frequently asked questions. You could address the questions and problems faced by your reader by providing the right answers. The more you do this, the faster you will be able to establish authority in your industry.

How to write posts that are compelling and rich in keywords?

While writing blog content, one should ensure that they craft content that is organic in nature. Keywords are essential in blog posts but you should not stuff them in just to please the search engine. Think about the reader and create a post that would entice them.

Five things to keep in mind while writing a blog post:

→ The primary keyword should be incorporated in the title of the post. It is recommended that the title be catchy in order to attract reader attention. There are numerous articles that we come across on a daily basis but no one has time to read all of them. The one that comes with a compelling headline has the power to catch our unwavering emotion.
→ For every post, there is a generic permalink generated. In order to improve SEO traction, permalinks should be tweaked. Usually the permalinks are numbered but we can edit it to our requirement.
→ You should always write a meta description that is rich in keywords. It helps boost rankings on search engines.
→ Attractive visuals are another way to gain attention.
→ When you write a blog post, you should put in links to other pages of your website. It helps move traffic to your website.

There are various reasons why a lot of firms and marketers are not blogging. Either they lack the skills or the time and resources. For those that are suffering from this issue, outsourcing has proven to be a fantastic option.