Email Marketing

21st century is upon us & the ways of interacting or pitching your product to the target audience has changed. Email Marketing is a definite game changer in this play of marketing strategies. It refers to the use of mails sent to potential customers or current customers for advertisements, business requests, soliciting sales or donations. There are different types of email marketing such as direct email marketing, newsletters, advertisements and promotional offers. Its main purpose is to enhance the relationship between the company and the current or potential customers while other goals are to encourage customer loyalty and repeated business, convincing the current or potential customers to purchase something or add advertisements. Email Marketing has undoubtedly stood the test of time and is still quite popular in several companies.

Your company should definitely plan an email marketing campaign mainly because it is reported to be second only to SEO and SEM with regards to effectiveness and high ROI. When given a chance, why not go all out and give an ultimate boost to sales? It is cheaper than traditional mail system and it’s way easier to track its success along with providing a comprehensive data for both print and digital marketing. It also has a higher response rate and a higher average order value of ecommerce businesses. Email marketing is thus very popular with digital marketers for reaching out to consumers not only for sales but also for increasing brand value.

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