“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.” -An Old Native American Proverb.

Due to the vast information available online, the attention span of an individual has seen a marked reduction. In order to have customers pay attention to the content you post online, the one thing that is imperative is that your piece should be interesting to the reader. Incorporating story telling into your writing will actually affect the way viewers go through your post.

When someone reads your post, three things happen to that customer.
1. Your story triggers their emotions.
2. They will relate their own experiences to your story.
3. After reading what you’ve written, they will take some sort of action.

Sharing your story with your target audience will result in the growth of your business and brand awareness and recognition.

Using the right images and words to convey what you want to in the best manner is what storytelling means. When you are about to incorporate storytelling into your content, there are certain things that you must be aware of regarding your business.

a. What is unique about your business?
b. How has your business evolved?
c. What have been the ‘wow’ moments of your business?
d. What problems is your product and service solving?
e. What is the story behind the birth of your company?

Efficient storytelling requires the story to be true, original, humane and it should also cater to your customers. Once you know what creates a good story, you should know how you can write it to gain more views and readers. This would require the writer to keep in mind a few pointers:

a. Your content should reflect your story. Before you expect your customer to start buying your product and/or service, you should narrate to them a story that they can connect to. You should be able to create brand awareness through your content.
b. If you incorporate your personality into your post, it is sure to create more readers.
c. While explaining what you’re doing, you should also be explain why you’re doing it. Your ‘why’ adds to the lives your audience whereas your ‘what’ only explains what you’re doing.
d. You can gain trusted audience not only by giving your own examples. You can pick up stories of other people and create content based on their writing that should positively affect your readers. Leverage someone else’s success story and create one of your own.

So, start building a better connection with your audience by weaving storytelling into your content.