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5 Tips for better B2B writing

B2B writing is not synonymous with boring and dull copy. Even though there are certain rules and standards that must be followed, one can always add a little humour to their writing to make it more interesting and to attract more readers. Balancing between these rules and adding creativity can help generate the kind of writing that will ensure that the goals of the writer are achieved. 1. Write for your target audience While writing a B2B article or piece, one should always keep in mind who their target group of audience is. The copy should be written in a manner so that it focusses on the targeted industry or specific personnel in different industries. There are different approaches that one can take while writing such a piece but the…

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Content Marketing- helping in brand building

Content Marketing is often confused as a marketing activity that big companies indulge in. This is a huge misconception. This is a community that bloggers are a huge part of. Solo bloggers write on different niches, this is their way of showing off their writing skills and building their names as their brand. Since they are writing on niches of their own choice, they are portraying their expertise in that field. Individual bloggers start up their blogs for reasons of their own. Some do it just to spend their time in a constructive manner whereas some try to create a name for themselves via blogging. There are separate ways by which these bloggers try to gain more readership. They do more research on the niche they are operating in and…

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