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Web Designing- conceptualization to execution

Giving the global window of your company into the hands of an unknown designer for construction is as tiring as planning the view from the window. A good web designer can give your customers the best brand experience helping you stand out in the competitive market. On the other hand, a bad one can completely reduce the company's growth rate. It is important to have a website that delivers your company's message to the audience in the best way. Suffice it to say that web designing can make or mar your website, your global window. Any web design company in Mumbai would otherwise give you the most remunerative deal, but is that all? We, therefore, lay down few points that should be kept in mind before choosing a web designing company: Know…

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Creative and artistic web design agency

The Art of Web Design: The Sophistication of Minimalism

We have arrived at our last segment in The Art of Web Design series. We have touched upon topics like fonts, duotones and parallax scrolling. Today we are going to look at one of the oldest and perhaps the most important trend in web design which is minimalism. Many of today’s popular trends like flat design and large backgrounds or texts are influenced by the original trend that was minimalism. It borrows its philosophy from the ancient field of fine arts where the content is prioritized over the design and it helps focus your design towards simplification of user tasks. This is one design that is extremely user friendly and valuable when you wish to emphasis or highlight your subject matter. When utilized effectively, the objective of minimalistic website designing…

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