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Video Marketing and its Rising Popularity

Video Marketing is one of the most trending techniques of internet marketing. In the simplest of terms, video marketing is promoting or marketing your product or brand through a video. It's increased popularity lies in the meteoric rate at which its use is rising. A video is visual, aural and conceptual experience, which can generate a good amount of leads and conversions for your company when used effectively. The best part of video marketing is that it can be molded according to your company's objectives. For example, if your company wants to target increasing sales, the video can be about instructions to use a particular product or its benefits. If your company wants to increase its popularity, the video can consist of information or an overview about the company. Video…

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Digital Marketing: Creative & Analytical

In an ever-changing complex retail market, digital marketing has emerged as an important tool that connects the purchaser and the producer. The use of digital marketing not only allows a brand to successfully market itself, but also allows the entrepreneurs and small-scale producers to establish themselves. The main goal of digital marketing is to ensure that a product is as appealing and attractive to a consumer as can be while warranting that the producer’s investment reaps fruitful results. A digital marketing plan is bound to fail if it lacks proper planning and analytical research as well as a creative edge. It can never be either one or the other. A successful digital marketing plan should be thoroughly investigated and data driven in order to analyse the competitive market to understand…

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