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Social Media Marketing

Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing is a broad spectrum of different tools and techniques of online marketing. Some examples would be web development, email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and so one. A lot of businesses often face a dilemma of choosing some and scrapping off the others. Although it is very subjective the choice, some tools are fundamental to online marketing and cannot be not employed. Social Media Marketing is one such tool. Social media marketing has 100% higher lead-to-close rate, and, 84% of B2B marketers use some form of social media. So, if you are planning to not include social media marketing in your otherwise elaborate digital marketing strategy, hold on! Write Side Up, as a social media marketing agency Mumbai, brings to you convincing reasons as to why your business…

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Social Media Horoscope

2017: Social Media Horoscope

Just when you thought digital marketing was at its best in 2016, we have a whole of 2017 to anticipate and brace ourselves for. Social media marketing is one field that is dynamic in all terms; it is constantly evolving and developing into a vivid picture of varied and diverse branches. Given the kind of advancement it has undergone last year, it is most likely to expect even more from the coming year. From business and marketing perspective, it gets even more important to know and predict the world of social media at its best for obvious reasons. Who wouldn’t want to plan their marketing strategies well in advance when market is all about predicting the most profitable trends and opportunities? There is no gain saying the fact that social…

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Social media-Write Side Up

20 Myths About Social Media

Social media today is the biggest content marketing tool in the hands of businessmen. But, there are numerous myths associated with social media marketing that need to be busted. Here are some such myths: 1. My Target Group Isn’t On Social Media- With more than 1 billion active internet users, there’s nothing under the sun you can’t sell on social media. 2. Joining All Social Networks Is Going To Be Beneficial- It is suggested that you do your research, find out the networks with widest reach and focus your advertising on those. 3. Setting Up My Account Is Enough On Social Media Marketing- You need much more than just to set up an account in order to use social media as a proper marketing tool. You need to handle it…

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Digital Marketing- Write Side Up

Ingredients of a Fruitful Digital Marketing Strategy

We live in an era where having a digital marketing strategy is one of the very basic activities a company should be aiming to accomplish. Some people invest in these activities and do not see a decent Return on Investment to continue with it or even suggest to others. There are a few factors that need to be kept in mind while opting for Digital Marketing. Ideally, one should opt for a good Digital Marketing agency that can do the work and you, as customers, can continue to focus on your core activities of building your business. Although, you should have an idea of what you’re asking the agency to accomplish for you, that way there will not be a difference between what you are paying for and what you…

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Social Media Marketing Hacks

9 Proven Social Media Hacks That Work Like Crazy

Social media marketing can be very difficult. Hence, it is always useful to keep in mind a few hacks. These 9 proven social media hacks are guaranteed to deliver results with the least effort. 1. Solve the 140 character problem of Twitter A major problem of Twitter is the 140 character limit, which severely limits the content you can post. A unique solution is to post it in parts – e.g. you post a question revealing a part of your content, and reply to yourself with the rest. 2. Focus only on the social networks in your blog's niche There are countless social media websites at the moment, and newer ones are coming up every day. You cannot target all the social media websites. That will be a waste of…

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How to Get a free facebook ad coupon?

Free advertising? Is that even believable? This is the most common response when people hear about the free ad coupons being generated by Facebook. Usually, when one hears advertising, they start calculating the amount of money they’ll have to shell out in order to even begin that process. Most firms are not into making that kind of investment because according to them, they have done pretty well without it up until now. People usually start to get into something, once they receive a little push. And if this push is being served for free, then why not! Facebook, with two other companies, Google and Bing, has started to give free coupons to businesses to start their advertisements. These coupons are offered in various price ranges and needless to say, one…

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Generate More Leads

In today's day and age, when internet has taken over in such a tremendous manner, it becomes imperative for businesses to create a higher impact on their target group of customers to generate more leads. The more leads a website receives, the better it is for the business. Social Media platforms are very effective when it comes to gaining more user attention. Just optimising these platforms and giving customers what they want can result in higher leads. There are a few strategies that are unusual but work effectively if rightly implemented. 1. Build Facebook Groups: The organic reach for businesses through Facebook is continuing to diminish. To alleviate this, marketers should start to manage Facebook Groups so that members of that group who wish to learn about your business and…

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Facebook, now coming up with a health-related app

The last thing that comes to my mind when I think of Facebook is health. Therefore it comes as a huge shock when I hear that they may be creating an app for health-related problems on their website. This is rumored to serve as a community that will allow people suffering from few disabilities and ailments will be able to connect with one another. This will serve as their way of trying to help the community in a certain way. According to me, Facebook is a huge platform and using it to help people solve their problems is commendable. Many details have still not come to the forefront about this application they are trying to develop but they are known to have met with a few medical experts to better…

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