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Become a top ranking blogger

Are You Looking To Become A Top Ranking Blogger?

Blogging is an integral part of content creation, a marketing strategy often employed by individuals or brands in order to generate more traffic, leads, and ROI. Blogging is a sure shot way in which you can get your blog or company at the top of Google SERPs. However, it is often seen by many brands/bloggers that the efforts they put in blogging does not generate the equivalent results. Despite investing so much, it is discouraging when enough traction is not generated. However, this in no way means that blogging itself is not doing its determined job, it’s just that somewhere you have to tweak your blogging strategies so that you can finally reap the benefits to its fullest. Following are some ways in which you can ensure that your blogs…

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For a digital marketer, detecting keywords and their efficacious usage is one of the most important knacks. Insertion of specific words that indicate the content of a document will ensure sufficient organic visits to your website. It’s very important to be able to weed out the bad keywords from the good ones that are more commonly generated in an information retrieval system. Bearing that in mind, we present to you the 4 steps on building your very own marketing system through effective use of keywords: 1. The first and most important step in finding operative keywords is creating a catalogue. The main objective of this step is to look beyond the generic and common keywords that are used by every Tom, Dick and Harry. One must think outside the box…

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Sources To Enhance Your Keyword List

The easiest and the simplest way to do a keyword research is to go to the keyword planner tool, type in the required words and voila! You have a list of words to choose from. It is safe to say that this is a perfunctory way of doing keyword research. That was the olden times. Now things have changed. Long tail keywords have gained power over the keyword tool. It has become way tougher to perceive what a user may type in the search engine. Now is the time to tap the untapped sources for keyword research. The keyword planner tool is a necessity but there are various other tools that can have a positive impact on your final keyword list. 1. Google Autocomplete- Who ever thought that the Google…

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