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The Power of Content

  ''Your content is your product. Your marketing success depends on how you package and position the product''. Any marketer who would want his company to fare well in the competitiveness of a uniquely open online market would know that his/her only success mantra is, "Before you sell anything, you must create genuine value". In an online territory where 200 million internet users are using ad-blockers, organic traffic is the sole way to get out of the world of average sales. Organic traffic is a result of the likeness and relevance of the content among users. This leads to better website ranking through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO rewards businesses publishing quality, consistent content. It basically highlights the content of your webpage to the search engines and therefore, through effective…

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Search Engine Marketing- Write Side Up

Search Engine Marketing: an indispensable tool

When a consumer visits a search engine, one thing is clear- he is hunting for something. The chances of that person or company being you are really not that slim. This search may or may not be of a commercial nature but the fact that someone else may come and outshine you is not what will keep you surviving long in your business. It does not take a marketer long to understand that any customer looking up a query on the internet has either begun or is in the middle or the end stages of completing a purchase or getting an answer to their query. When a user is conducting a research for a product or service online and the information provided by you is what helps them get the…

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Digital Marketing- Write Side Up

Unipro – Digital Marketing for Education Sector

The education sector is a perfect competition today. Both, the number of students looking for institutions and the institutions themselves, are at a constant rise, making it absolutely essential for any private player in the market to reach out to students and inform them about what they’d gain from their institution. This, however, is tough when all the advertising platforms have your competitors crowding the reader space. In this tough competition, looking for a new and advanced way to communicate with the young audience of the educational institutions, the founders of Unipro Education Pvt. Ltd. stumbled upon a huge virgin platform of advertisement by educational institutions, i.e., digital marketing. Establishing The Idea The establishment of Unipro began with a 3-member team, all experienced in the fields of education and media.…

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The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Content Marketing

The Internet is a strange place – you are going to find lots of excellent advices here as well as worse advices. This is especially true for content marketing. The reason is that there are many people who simply have no knowledge or experience of this field, and they start writing a blog hoping that they would get popular. Now, some people are bound to read these articles and then they too start spreading these lies. You need to keep yourselves away from these if you want to be successful. Here is a list of top 10 worse advices we have ever heard about content marketing. 1. Creating content is enough This has to be one of the worst advices that is often heard regarding content marketing. Many fake gurus…

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How to Get a free facebook ad coupon?

Free advertising? Is that even believable? This is the most common response when people hear about the free ad coupons being generated by Facebook. Usually, when one hears advertising, they start calculating the amount of money they’ll have to shell out in order to even begin that process. Most firms are not into making that kind of investment because according to them, they have done pretty well without it up until now. People usually start to get into something, once they receive a little push. And if this push is being served for free, then why not! Facebook, with two other companies, Google and Bing, has started to give free coupons to businesses to start their advertisements. These coupons are offered in various price ranges and needless to say, one…

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