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The Craft of Web Development – Artificial Intelligence

Previously, we spoke about the importance of websites in offering organisations a digital presence that allows them to connect with regular as well as potential customers. When a customer is unable to track your business online, it is very likely they will move on to easier-to-find options. We’ve mentioned that during the series of “The Craft of Web Development”, we will be focusing on 4 different trends that are currently occurring in Web Development. So far, we have focused on customer interaction with an easy navigation menu and the importance of seamless scrolling as well as the recently popularised trend of “flat one page” designs for websites. In continuation to that, today, we will be looking at the aspect of Artificial Intelligence and its infiltration into the recent Website Development…

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The Craft of Website Development – Ease of Access

Picture this: You meet an amazing person that you are convinced is your soulmate. You think you’re meant to be together for life. Now, after a whirlwind romantic weekend, they leave without giving you any way to contact them and disappear from your life. Sure, you’ll day dream about them from time to time but eventually, you have to move on. Right? Something quite similar could happen to your customers if your venture doesn’t have an online presence. No matter how good your product is, without a digital existence, the customer won’t have any way to track you and will eventually move on to another organisation. That’s where a web development company intervenes. Web developers assist you in building this essential web presence and allow you to make yourself accessible…

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