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Is it time to declare blog post bankruptcy?

Blog posts have become a common trend. So much so that brands that post more than 15 posts a month are said to receive 1200 more leads per month. Now who thought that blog posts would be your much needed boost? It has become common knowledge that content is reshaping the face of the internet. The better the content, the stronger a contender you become. Even though many are aware that content is playing a strong role in getting people ahead in the game, they are not investing that much time and money into it. The best part about this is that even if you cannot write the content for your blogs, you can outsource it. It is always better to hire an expert to handle a part of your…

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Sources To Enhance Your Keyword List

The easiest and the simplest way to do a keyword research is to go to the keyword planner tool, type in the required words and voila! You have a list of words to choose from. It is safe to say that this is a perfunctory way of doing keyword research. That was the olden times. Now things have changed. Long tail keywords have gained power over the keyword tool. It has become way tougher to perceive what a user may type in the search engine. Now is the time to tap the untapped sources for keyword research. The keyword planner tool is a necessity but there are various other tools that can have a positive impact on your final keyword list. 1. Google Autocomplete- Who ever thought that the Google…

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Is too much familiarity a drawback?

Write Side Up- a content marketing agency that vehemently believes that quality deserves priority over everything else. With this firm a belief, we indulge in providing content marketing services to all our clients by understanding what they want and if required, by providing our own perspective. Usually, this may not be something that a client would want and in that case we steer clear of it. Although, I would like to shed light on why it is something that should be integrated in all projects. As is often the case, people prefer to work on a project with a team of individuals that are thoroughly acquainted with the subject in question. This may make the work easy but it fails to provide a fresh perspective on the said subject. If…

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