The Art of Better Subjects

Email Marketing has always been one of the most preferred marketing strategies for various companies. Affordable and direct, email marketing has been instrumental in attracting potential customers. However, what baffles most of the marketers is how to make their mail standout in the user’s inbox out of the plethora of emails. The concept of first impression remains as impactful as ever, playing a vital role in demanding subscriptions and click-throughs for the email campaigns.

The subject line is intrinsically the first point of contact between your brand and your potential client. As they say, first impression is the last impression, and, in this fast-moving world where time is a constraint, the only way of making an impact of your brand via the mail is to grab the user’s attention in the first 2 seconds with the help of a catchy subject line. We therefore bring to you 5 ways of making eye-catching subject lines that will definitely increase your email clicks and leave a positive impression on the user:

Be Concise:

Quick statistics: Subject lines under 21 characters generate 31% more clicks than average and yet, they account for less than 5% of the email campaigns.

Consumers can understand the information trying to be conveyed in half of the characters and therefore, long subject lines will just add to the excessive usage of time. If you think of mobile campaigns also, a subject line of more than 35 characters will not be visible in its entirety, highly risking your clicks and your consumer’s interest. Rather, a short and crisp subject line can do wonders in luring the customer.

If long, use your words wisely:

Long subject lines aren’t exactly not subjected to responses if one uses the words wisely. Even if your subject line is long for a mobile, a strategic use of words, for example offers or incentives or discounts, can fetch you a higher open rate. The key lines in feeding the consumer exactly what they would desire in the first few words.


It won’t be wrong to say that personalized mail subject lines are major clickbaits. Personalized emails generate 50% higher open rates, increasing your chances of gaining potential customers by approximately the same number metaphorically. Apart from using the subscriber’s name, you can also use the consumer’s browse history, loyalty program status and purchase history in order to make your emails much more personalized.

Make use of trends:

Sending out emails with a captivating subject line focusing on the various industry trends, pop culture themes and in-vogue trends is an ideal method of attracting subscribers. It is all about striking when the iron is hot!

Trigger Emails:

Trigger emails are those emails that are relevant, timely based email messages based on what earlier consumers have said or done. This is necessary to retain your customers and let them know that you value them. For example, you can have simple welcome trigger mails of subject lines less than 20 characters. They are instrumental in generating higher clicks and open rates.

Now you know, how to distinguish your email from the hundreds of emails and messaged flooding your consumer’s inboxes. In email marketing, it is all about the first impression made, the first mail opened and the first click. The art of better email subjects is a definite stepping stone towards higher customers and revenues.