Last we spoke about the importance of web design and the different trends in website creation and designing. These aspects are important to those who wish to create a new website or give a makeover to their old one. In continuation to that, we’ll be looking at the current dominating trend of duotones in web design.

The new and digital world of websites is filled with various colour contrasts, combinations, structures and so on. These colours can range anywhere from subtle to in-your-face. Mostly belonging to the latter category are duotones. It has become arguably the hottest and most viewed style of this year. Let’s take a look at the reason behind this.

As the name suggests, duotones refer to the combination of only two colours, used to create an image or a website format. Most trends of duotones are more pulsating, bright and colourful but there can even be use of subtle and dull shades for the same. The term duotone is, obviously wrongly, applied to formats that have more than two colours even though that makes no sense at all. However, it is important to realize that duotone allows the use of only two colours. But it is not to be confused with the use of the gradient effect. While gradient may use slightly different shades, as long as only two primary colours are being utilized, the effect of duotone is still significant.

The main objective of duotones is to create a sense of fun and light-heartedness while drawing every eye to your content. It’s very important and slightly difficult to achieve the exact combination of striking and attractive content because sometimes a wild shot can land you out of the field. If your colours are too irritating to a reader’s eye, it will automatically turn them off from your website or content.

Duotone can standardize your content while allowing your website to standout from others. It creates a dominating image in the mind of your viewers and depicts a bold and quirky personality. It’s important to pick the right colours that depict the mood of your image or website. Even one wrong colour can create an unattractive contrast and lead to a decrease in your website traffic.
Duotones don’t need to be overly complicated. The trick is to be simple yet effective. This will allow more space for your text as well. Duotone can be a goldmine for designers as they get to experiment with colours and shades that have never been paired up before. No wonder it is a dominating trend in web design currently.

Keep your eyes open for the next trend in The Art of Web Design.