Any digital marketing pro worth his or her salts will know how important it is to give particular attention to the web design during website creation. Which is why, most or all of them dabble into professional website design along with other aspects of digital marketing. Blogs, Celebrity website, Firms and Organizations websites, etc. aside, innovative and creative web designing is especially important to Ecommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. that generate the most organic traffic in the entire digital media land.

Therefore, ecommerce website design is considered one of the most significant categories in website designing. There are a few aspects any professional web designer must keep in mind when they have to create website designs for any and all websites. Write Side Up is here with a series of web design trends that you need to know in order to build or revamp your website. To know more about them, follow our blog. First up, is the power of Fonts.

Having gorgeous designs and beautiful calligraphy may seem attractive but if it’s indecipherable, it can be very off-putting for any reader. Typography can help you characterize your content hierarchy through sizes and colours. The largest fonts will be the most alluring. Similarly, the next size in the hierarchy will be the second most appealing and so on. This can enable your viewers to read your data from most to least important just by utilizing font sizes. Coming to the colour aspect of fonts, let’s talk about an example. Imagine standing in a room full of people that are wearing white clothes while you are in a neon pink shirt. You are bound to stand out from the crowd. Likewise, using distinct colours will assist you in highlighting significant information that can easily attract your reader’s attention.

Another aspect is the use of different types of fonts. Different fonts can be used to distinguish between various types of content on your website. A proper typography structure will help you maintain consistency between several pages and sections. That will also allow easy navigation on the website for your viewers. It’s also important to preserve the balance between standard and customized fonts. Too much of one thing can either lead to monotony or irritation in a reader which will ultimately cause a decrease in your website traffic.

Fonts are extremely powerful when it comes to web design and a good or bad font can make or break your website.
Stay tuned for the next trend in The Art of Web Design.