Picking up where we left off the last time, let’s look at another significant trend in web design currently. A fairly recent trend used by web designers is called parallax scrolling. Initially the term referred to a technique where the backdrop images move slower as compared to the images on the forefront. This method was typically used in the gaming industry.

However, it has emerged as one of the top trends in website creation in the recent times. The purpose of parallax scrolling is to create an illusion of depth in a 2D environment that captivates your audience. It can refer to any movement of two objects or images at the same time but at different velocities. There are various types of methods that are utilized in parallax scrolling like layer method, sprite method, animation method and raster method. This unique trend in modern web designing has shown no signs of stopping.

Parallax scrolling is an exciting and innovative way to display content in a unique manner depending on its style, method and complexity. This concept was started because people consider it very cool. It reeks of originality, creativity and charm. Because of the fact that no single design is exactly the same, it is difficult for people to identify that it is, in fact, parallax scrolling. It picks up the aspect of storytelling and evokes curiosity in the viewers’ minds.

Despite the fact that the effect looks really good and is extremely attractive to the audience, it does have its downsides. Unless your design is impeccable, there are bound to be discrepancies that affect the user experience. For example, if the software that you use is very heavy, the website could become extremely slow and unresponsive. The performance of the website has to be closely monitored in such cases. Your SEO may also be affected because of the software and designs.

So in order to avoid a decrease in website traffic, it is extremely necessary to keep the design as simple as possible instead of making it overtly complicated. Parallax scrolling should also be used to depict a visual story and engage viewers through its various layers.

It’s good to experiment and be imaginative with parallax scrolling but it’s also important to recognize the difficulties caused by this designing method and the hard work that is put into creating and maintaining such websites.
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