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We have arrived at our last segment in The Art of Web Design series. We have touched upon topics like fonts, duotones and parallax scrolling. Today we are going to look at one of the oldest and perhaps the most important trend in web design which is minimalism. Many of today’s popular trends like flat design and large backgrounds or texts are influenced by the original trend that was minimalism. It borrows its philosophy from the ancient field of fine arts where the content is prioritized over the design and it helps focus your design towards simplification of user tasks. This is one design that is extremely user friendly and valuable when you wish to emphasis or highlight your subject matter.

When utilized effectively, the objective of minimalistic website designing ought to be able to present the content and its components in a basic and straightforward way by providing meagre diversion from the core substance of your content. This system regularly includes removing content or elements that don’t bolster the essential objectives of the interface or its viewers.
The exact definition of minimalism can vary from designer to designer. However, the core value of this trend is the same – controlled use of colour palates, use of negative space and flat textures.

The success of minimalism can be cited by just one example and that is – Google. Arguably the most lucrative and established organization in the world, it has hardly changed its web design over the course of two decades. It started out as a search engine and later, ventured into other aspects of the digital world. However, till date, when you open its website, it only has three visible navigation options in total.

This trend has picked up a lot in the past couple of years with more and more e-commerce websites, blogs, and social networks recognizing its benefits from a marketing point-of-view. This services use such designs because they believe that’s what the customers want. It’s also perfect for people that have very little or no experience in web design and cannot afford to venture into more complex design strategies.

All these trends are extremely important when it comes to website creation. Write Side Up knows the importance of web design and how the various trends can influence the overall website revenue and increase organic traffic to the website. Let us help you create your own flourishing designs and build a website that is synonymous with ongoing trends.