Finally, we have arrived at the last segment in our Web Development series. Just to catch you up, we have been focusing on the importance of having a digital presence and why it is necessary to have your own website. We have covered 3 out of 4 trends in the Web Development series so far. Those being, user’s ease of access through a simple navigation menu and seamless scrolling; the emergence of “flat one page” websites; and the infiltration of Artificial Intelligence in website development. As we reach the end of this series, we will be taking a look at the advancement of Cloud Computing in Website Development.

Cloud Computing is basically the practice of utilizing a host of online servers to accumulate, manage and process data as opposed to the use of a local server or a personal computer. Cloud computing ought to be considered, essentially, as another customer-server technology, one that will open up assets from various internet-connected gadgets, with less obstructions for entry. All of a sudden, web engineers can acquire access to facilitated applications and information, alongside cloud-based development servers, allowing them to make web applications that can access information and services unlike anything we have ever seen before.

The best part about websites that are developed using cloud computing is the innate scalability they offer. These services are also extremely reliable and offer high availability. Developers also don’t have to worry about hardware setup, hosting and upkeep.

Cloud computing offers you a heap of solutions that ease up and accelerate your development cycle, giving you a chance to devour resources as a service and pay only for what you utilize, so in many circumstances, it can be exceptionally cost-effective.
Cloud computing is one trend that is definitely here to stay. Developers are beginning to rely on cloud services and everything it has to offer. They are bound to take advantage of the improved performance and added security that their own web hosts just can’t seem to provide.

With this, we conclude the last trend in website development right now. All 4 trends mentioned in this series are extremely important to web building and should be keenly noted by all. Write Side Up knows how essential it is to develop the perfect website, that includes all features and designs that you could have ever wished for. Allow us to assist you in this endeavour and create a digital existence that is unmatched.