Previously, we spoke about the importance of websites in offering organisations a digital presence that allows them to connect with regular as well as potential customers. When a customer is unable to track your business online, it is very likely they will move on to easier-to-find options. We’ve mentioned that during the series of “The Craft of Web Development”, we will be focusing on 4 different trends that are currently occurring in Web Development.

So far, we have focused on customer interaction with an easy navigation menu and the importance of seamless scrolling as well as the recently popularised trend of “flat one page” designs for websites. In continuation to that, today, we will be looking at the aspect of Artificial Intelligence and its infiltration into the recent Website Development Trends.

First, let’s understand what the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ means as a whole. In theory, it’s the ability of computer systems to perform tasks that require human intelligence such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. In reality, it’s the Rise of the Machines.

And how does that factor into Website Development, you ask? Through a completed algorithm of logics and codes, organizations can use Artificial Intelligence to build a website that includes every feature you want and is generated in a matter of minutes. It offers the perfect (and cheaper) solution to businesses, organizations and freelancers that pay thousands to hire efficient web developers.

The process is fairly simple as well. The AI assistant will present a series of questions in front of you, to determine the exact features you want in a website and how you want them. Once that is processed, it creates the perfect mix of content, design, layout and branding that you desire. Seems like the ideal choice, right?

However, the algorithm used to create such AI websites is not completely flawless. Due to various hiccups, there is a possibility that it might not be able to deliver what you want. Even though it is a much faster and cheaper option, it cannot beat an actual web developer when it comes to the performance of the website. There’s no denying that Artificial Intelligence in Web Development is a revolutionary concept that could change the course of the entire field but right now, it does require a serious amount of work. Only time will tell what effect this trend has on the digital world.

Stay tuned for the last chapter in “The Craft of Web Development” series.