Picture this: You meet an amazing person that you are convinced is your soulmate. You think you’re meant to be together for life. Now, after a whirlwind romantic weekend, they leave without giving you any way to contact them and disappear from your life. Sure, you’ll day dream about them from time to time but eventually, you have to move on. Right?

Something quite similar could happen to your customers if your venture doesn’t have an online presence. No matter how good your product is, without a digital existence, the customer won’t have any way to track you and will eventually move on to another organisation. That’s where a web development company intervenes. Web developers assist you in building this essential web presence and allow you to make yourself accessible to millions of web surfers, all around the world. Website creation involves a lot of aspects that the web builder must focus on, in order to attain as much as possible. In The Craft of Website Development series, we are going to be talking about 4 of these aspects. One of which we already spoke about last week.

First up, let’s focus on the ease of access offered to the customers through an interactive, easy navigation menu as well as seamless scrolling.

It’s extremely important for web developers to keep in mind, especially while building an e-commerce website, that any customer would always prefer an easy navigation where they can choose exactly what they want and how they want it. It’s always better to avoid any confusing elements that could prove to be a turn-off, particularly for new and potential customers.

The most important principal in creating navigation settings is distinctiveness. Any web developer worth their salts will know how essential it is to give each navigational text a distinct colour, font and size so that the content is very precise and legible. There also shouldn’t be an overload of features and settings. Simplicity is the key, people!

There should be a clear consistency and conciseness in the navigation design of the website. It should also be stylish and aesthetically attractive.

The other aspect of developing a website that is user friendly is an easy scrolling. Users always prefer seamless scrolling, without any internet loading issues or other such reasons that could interfere with their web experience. Trends like parallax scrolling, “fixed-in-place” scrolling, infinite scrolling and so on, are tremendously popular right now and are being adopted by web builders all across the field.

So, choose a web developer who can create the navigation settings as well as scrolling wisely and put users ease of access above anything else. At Write Side Up, we believe in doing just that.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in The Craft of Website Development.